Yet another Iraqi patient successfully treated at Odisha hospital


A 38-year-old Iraqi national, suffering from a rare skull base disease, underwent successful surgery at SUM Ultimate Medicare (SUMUM) here, which has recently given a boost to medical tourism in Odisha as a destination for effective medical care.

Jasim Kareem Faran Chnani, after recovering from Covid-19, had developed swelling in his forehead and left eye which was accompanied by headaches for a month. Diagnosis made in Iraq suggested he had Pott’s swollen tumor with invasive fungal frontal sinusitis and orbital involvement.

Jasim’s family searched for a reliable treatment for the disease that was not available in Iraq. Then they decided to fly to India to meet Dr. Radhamadhab Sahu, Senior Consultant and Head of ENT and Skull Base Surgery at SUM Ultimate Medicare here.

Incidentally, Dr. Sahu had successfully treated another Iraqi, Hasoon Owaid Oglah al-Shadawi (77), who suffered from central skull base osteomyelitis, also a rare skull base disease, some time ago. more than a month.

Jasim and his family members were received at Bhubaneswar airport by the hospital team and admitted for treatment. Despite the difficulties of the operation, the team of doctors led by Dr. Sahu, consisting of Neuro-Anesthesiologist Dr. Prasant Behera and ENT Specialist Dr. Puja Lakhotia, completed the procedure ensuring a smooth operative and post-operative recovery period. for the patient.

The team led by Dr. Sahu opted for a minimally invasive endoscopic-assisted supraorbital keyhole approach as well as a transnasal endoscopic approach to radically eliminate the problem. “This approach ensured aesthetics and avoided facial distortion, which is a major drawback of other external approaches,” he said.

Elaborating on the disease, Dr. Sahu said Pott’s swollen tumor was an infection of the bone marrow of the forehead, also known as the frontal bone, associated with a subperiosteal abscess. “It is a rare clinical entity and is generally considered a complication of chronic frontal sinusitis or frontal trauma,” he said.

Dr Sahu said the disease affects children and adolescents more frequently than adults. “Patients may present with redness of the forehead skin accompanied by a soft, swampy, fluctuating swelling of the forehead or scalp or around the eyes. This may be accompanied by headaches or complaints such as blockage and discharge nose,” he said.

Explaining the treatment, Dr. Sahu said nasal endoscopy in conjunction with CT scan and MRI helped in diagnosing the disease and planning both medical and surgical treatment.

Medical management was done with antibiotics while the affected sinuses had to be cleared and the abscess surgically drained. Removal of sinus disease was done through the nose using an endoscope while few options were available for removal of disease externally, he said.

Jasim, who is on the road to recovery, was impressed with the quality of treatment and the high-end facilities available at SUMUM. He thanked the team and staff involved in his operation and said the care and affection he received was beyond his expectations. “I felt at home in this hospital. Every staff member, even the housekeeping staff, was involved and dedicated to their service and made me feel like I was among my family. I was a human being here, not just a patient and certainly not a medical client,” he said.

Dr Sahu said patients from Odisha have been known to travel to other states and countries in the past in search of medical treatment but the scenario is changing.

SUMUM provides end-to-end patient care services for international patients coming to the hospital for treatment with established protocols and plans in place for safe patient care.

“International patients traveling to SUMUM mark the dawn of medical tourism in Odisha and it also means that the time has come for people from the state and other states to visit Bhubaneswar for reliable and superior treatment,” a- he declared.


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