Yak ukraintsiam iz temchasavim ospitomom is entitled to medical assistance in the Czech Republic


Ukrainians who received temporary protection in the Czech Republic are entitled to the same free services under the state medical insurance program as citizens of the Czech Republic.

This is reported by the Ministry of Health with reference to the rules of public insurance in the Czech Republic. Derzhstrahuvannia covers almost all medical cases, as well as partially or fully the cost of drugs.

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Therefore, for temporarily relocated people who do not have robots, medical care is free – the Czech government pays for it.

Temporarily displaced Ukrainians may fall into the category of citizens who do not pay regulated fees, which aim to prevent patients from overburdening the healthcare system unnecessarily.

Insurance should be issued after receiving temporary protection from regional centers of Ukraine or state insurance companies.

The first 150 days of stay in the Czech Republic with a visa temporarily transferred to individual medical insurance for Ukrainians paid by the government.

After 150 days, minds change. The changes mainly affect citizens between the ages of 18 and 64. Failing this for this category, the medical insurance for this category becomes payable.

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Ukrainians who came to the Czech Republic, but did not obtain temporary protection, can receive free medical care from volunteer doctors, the list of which can be found on the website www.lekariproukrajinu.

Серед них є лікілі, яки правідяють українськой обо русский мовамі.

Free emergency medical care for Ukrainians under temporary protection can be obtained without insurance in public hospitals in the Czech Republic.

A list of contacts of these establishments is listed on the website of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

We would like to add that the information line of the Ministry of Health for Ukrainians operates by telephone: +420226201221. Operators speak Ukrainian.

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