VFD receives state license to assist with medical care


VALDOSTA – The Valdosta Fire Department has been licensed by the state to help improve medical care and community assistance.


Valdosta Fire Department (VFD) recently received an EMS Agency License from the Georgian Ministry of Public Health, Bureau of EMS and Trauma as an Approved Medical First Responder Agency. The Valdosta Fire Department has provided patient assistance through a partnership with South Georgia Medical Center (SGMC) for many years and has always strived to improve care and service. With the increase in medical calls nationwide over the past few years, this license will further enhance the medical assistance and care that VFD can provide to our community.

Emily Brown, SGMC Trauma Program Manager, said, “Valdosta Fire Department’s EMS Agency License is additional support for SGMC EMS that strengthens the collaboration between VFD and SGMC to accelerate quality of care for residents and visitors to the town of Valdosta.

“The Valdosta Fire Department has provided medical call support for SGMC EMS for many years; Obtaining an agency license is another step in ensuring that we are constantly improving as a department and providing the most effective patient care in partnership with SGMC,” said the Valdosta Fire Chief. , Brian Butwell.

Obtaining an MFR agency license shows that VFD is committed to establishing an integrated medical response system, that Valdosta’s fire units respond with medically trained and licensed personnel, and provide patient care from approved medical protocols under the direction of a certified medical director. The interoperability between SGMC and VFD ensures that quality patient care begins when the first healthcare professional arrives at the patient’s scene and continues until the patient arrives at the emergency room.

The Valdosta Fire Department has been a state-recognized training center for more than two years, providing monthly training to staff on emergency medical care for patients. The partnership with SGMC has allowed VFD to receive more training with an emphasis on trauma care, providing a more diverse educational base. “It’s not only our goal to arrive on scene within five minutes, but also to provide the most efficient and professional service to our community,” Boutwell said.


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