Veterans Day and Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center


IRON MOUNTAIN, Michigan – This Thursday is Veterans Day.

One of the largest VA centers in the country is in the upper part of the peninsula.

The Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center is home to 57,000 veterans and provides primary and secondary health care.

John Jamison, the centers’ public affairs officer, explained the importance of Veterans Day.

“I think celebrating Veterans Day is a great way to show our appreciation to the men and women of our nations who sacrificed and endured hardships in uniform to allow the general public the freedoms and freedoms they enjoy,” Jamison said. “Here at the VA, we are working to fulfill President Lincoln’s promise” to care for the one who carried the battle and who is a widow and an orphan. “So that’s what we focus on when we get to work.

Jamison said that while veterans may have struggled to obtain VA center services in the past, the VA has become more accessible in recent years.

“I’m a veteran myself, so I get service at the VA. I think because of that the VA is better equipped and better equipped to serve veterans as a whole because that’s what we do every day and I would say that for a lot of veterans and Older veterans, they remember when the VA wasn’t such a great place to get health care, it wasn’t great for them, ”Jamison said. “I can now say that the vets I spoke to have come back and tried the VA again, I can say they are very satisfied with their care.”

The center will host a vaccination clinic against Covid-19 and influenza tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Veterans, their spouses and caregivers can register.

To register, dial 906-774-3300 EXT. 3315


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