UT Southwestern Medical Center opens in South Dallas County to help nearby residents


People were able to visit a game-changing new medical center in South Dallas this weekend, as UT Southwestern Medical Center in Red Bird opened its doors.

“A lot of our south-end residents have to leave at 30-40 minutes, and now they’re putting that at 10-15 minutes,” said Keith Binson of the Dallas Metro YMCA. “You can come from South Dallas, you can come from Cedar Hill, Duncanville, DeSoto, Lancaster.”

An opening event was held on Saturday and community members said it would make their health care choices easier.

“Generally, you have to drive through town,” said Barbara McCulloch, who lives in DeSoto.

“Options, down to having to drive to another part of town,” said Nancy White, who lives in Oak Cliff.

Located off Camp Wisdom Road, it is the premier academic medical center in southern Dallas County.

“In addition to primary care services, we will have certain medical specialties, like cardiology, neurology and even oncology,” said Dr. Ericka Walker-Williams, with UT Southwestern.

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Dr Walker-Williams said some residents might be skeptical about the hospital’s lifespan in this part of town.

“Some of these medical centers come and some go,” she said.

But she added that they are here to stay and there is a lot of work to get this hospital started.

“A lot of people behind the scenes for many, many years,” she explained.

It will create accessible health care for nearby neighborhoods.

“It creates access so they can come in and get quality care,” Dr. Walker-Williams said.


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