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A family in San Antonio, Toledo, needs your help after a thirteen-year-old boy was seriously injured in a traffic incident in the community nearly three weeks ago. On August 14, Emiliano Sho Junior was cycling to the family farm with his father when he was hit by a motorcyclist. As senior correspondent Paul Mahung found out today, the teenager has almost no memory of what happened, has significant difficulty performing basic duties, and remains confined to his bed.

Paul Mahung, Toledo correspondent: A teenager remains bedridden and needs help following a motorcycle incident in the Toledo countryside. Worried, caring and emotional mother, Caselina Sho, spoke to Love News from the village of San Antonio Toledo about the unfortunate incident of their 13-year-old son Emiliano Sho Jr cycling to his father’s farm.

Caselina Sho, mother: “I’m so sorry for my son that day because his face is so swollen and he has a broken shoulder and hip and he swells when he wants to urinate, it’s so swollen there and it’s so painful when he wants to use the bathroom he can’t and he has to cry but there is nothing I can do that’s what I tell him. When he wants to eat he can’t eat, his tongue is so swollen and I just feed him like oats, I just empty the oats and I give him with a spoon in his mouth but now I use straws for him. I just bought Cerelac and milk that’s how I’m feeding him right now and he can’t sit up, I just have to take care of him. Everything I do for him, I just wipe it on his bed and that’s how I clean it. I just wiped it off and he told me his back is so sore but I tell him I can’t help him. And he can’t turn because his hip is broken.

Paul Mahung, Toledo correspondent: Now I can imagine that your family like you and your husband need a lot of help, so would you like to let us know how people can help?

Caselina Sho, mother: “Yes, I ask, I really need help with my family because at the moment I can’t go anywhere. “

Paul Mahung, Toledo correspondent: The parents further expressed their deep concern that at the time of the incident, injured Emiliano Jr was taken to the PG Hospital and then to the Southern Regional Hospital of Dangriga but was not admitted and returned to Punta Gorda hospital where after five days he was released and sent home where he remains completely bedridden and requires special care from his elderly parents. Love News has been informed that the police investigation is continuing.

If you would like to help, the Sho family can be reached at 667-9371.


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