Time to Care: Express medical assistance at Doktor24 Multiklinika


The Budapest Business Journal speaks with Balázs Sárosi, director of Doktor24 Express, the emergency care unit of leading local private healthcare provider Doktor24. Sárosi and his professional team of doctors offer instant medical care to patients without an appointment at the company’s state-of-the-art Doktor24 Multiklinika in Budapest’s District XI.

BBJ: Who should contact Doktor24 Express?

Balázs Sárosi: We give families peace of mind by providing easy and quick access to professional urgent medical care without long wait times. We primarily treat walk-in clients with acute medical conditions, but we are also prepared to help people who are simply unsure of which type of specialist to see for a particular problem. Our team of English-speaking emergency doctors trained in Western Europe examines, tests, diagnoses and treats clients on site. If necessary, we can also give direct referrals to more than 50 in-house consultants and specialists within Multiklinika for secondary care. We aim to serve families, so we also treat children over the age of one, and we can also refer them to Doktor24’s strong team of pediatric specialists. Our clinic is open outside normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Customers can reserve a parking space in our underground car park by telephone, and we can also help people with reduced mobility to access our premises from the car park. . Our English-speaking doctors have decades of experience caring for Western European emergency patients and maintain a thorough knowledge of UK NHS protocols.

BBJ: What types of injuries and illnesses do you treat at the clinic?

BS: We treat a long list of non-fatal medical conditions such as fever, cold, cough, minor burns, urinary problems, allergy symptoms, minor head injuries, strains, sprains, etc. In other words, we cover typical sports injuries, home accidents, common illnesses and conditions that require medical attention but do not require hospitalization. The “we deal” and “we don’t deal” lists are available on our website, along with our fair and transparent pricing. Our customers cannot anticipate when they will need to come to us, so no appointment is necessary to visit Doktor24 Express. We guarantee medical attention within 15 minutes of arrival and a full course of treatment is completed within four hours.

If the client’s condition requires emergency care in a specialized facility, we will do our best to stabilize their condition and call an ambulance or refer them to the local emergency department.

BBJ: What type of care do you provide on site?

BS: Clients are treated in the order they arrive, according to emergency triage protocols. Primary care includes triage classification, medication to relieve pain or fever, a preliminary medical examination and, if necessary, an ECG and focused emergency ultrasound to do a complete workup. On-site laboratory tests are also available to rule out certain diseases and conditions such as thromboembolism, myocardial infarction or serious organ failure. At Multiklinika, we have a whole arsenal of diagnostic equipment at our fingertips, along with ultrasound, x-ray and additional lab tests. We treat sports and home injuries with state-of-the-art splints and gait support. If necessary, we can administer intravenous infusion and obturation treatments, offer wound management and wound closure (in the vast majority of cases with sutureless closure) and remove foreign bodies.

This article first appeared in the May 20, 2022 print issue of the Budapest Business Journal.


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