The State must guarantee medical assistance to women


Image: Screenshot by Zoran Milanović/Facebook

ZAGREB, May 11, 2022 – President Zoran Milanović said on Wednesday that justice and morality in the case of Mirela Čavajda are on his side and that, as a general rule, the state is the one who should provide assistance to women in order to that the situation in which all gynecologists refused to perform abortions would not occur.

Čavajda is a 39-year-old woman who requested a termination of pregnancy because the fetus was diagnosed with massive brain cancer six months into her pregnancy. She recently told the Web portal Index that all Zagreb hospitals she contacted refused to perform pregnancy termination despite doctors telling her the tumor was so big the child was unlikely to live. not long, and even if he did, he would never have a normal life.

His complaint against the hospitals’ decision must be examined by a second instance commission of the KBC hospital in Zagreb, whose expert commission, formed last week at the request of the Minister of Health Vili Beroš, estimated that the he child had the possibility of living and that a neurosurgical treatment is possible if the delivery goes well.

Speaking to reporters after attending the opening of the 15th Job Fair in Zagreb, Milanović warned, in the context of the Čavajda case, that most gynecologists in hospitals in Zagreb refuse to perform abortions , noting that “the state should intervene”.

“Over the past five years, the state should have stepped in to say – okay, certain procedures will be provided, under certain conditions, and women who meet these conditions will have access to these procedures and to some type of protection. When we say that women should have the right to choose – indeed they do, but the law has always set certain limits. We are talking about the woman’s choice until a certain week of pregnancy, after which things get complicated This is the case all over the world,” he said.

“In my opinion, justice and morality are on this lady’s side,” he said, warning of the problem of manipulating conscientious objection.

“There are certain procedures, but they are obviously manipulated. That’s why I say that in the case of Sveti Duh hospital (in Zagreb), where there are no gynecologists (willing to perform abortions) – some of them I know personally and for some I know for sure that they are not conscientious objectors but opportunists – the state, the ministry should step in and make sure assistance is provided to women,” he said, emphasizing that he was not talking about a specific case but in general.

“It cannot happen that tomorrow we will not have a single gynecologist in public hospitals in Zagreb who is not a conscientious objector,” he said.

Noting that the older he was, the more sensitive the topic of abortion was for him, Milanović said what he knew for sure was that no one can fall victim to the system just because no gynecologist in the public hospitals are unwilling to perform abortions while the state does nothing in this regard.

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