The Ministry of Health orders an inspection of the medical assistance to the journalist


ZAGREB, August 6, 2022 – The Ministry of Health on Saturday requested a report on the provision of medical assistance by KBC Split Hospital and other medical institutions in Split to journalist Vladimir Matijanić, who died on Friday.

A ministry inspection team will review medical documentation and contact personnel at medical facilities involved in the case to establish facts that can help determine if the actions taken in the case were in accordance with prescribed procedure or if there is had omissions in the provision of adequate care to the patient, said the Minister.

The public will be informed of the department’s findings in due course, the minister said.

An internal check is also underway at the KBC Split hospital.

Journalist and Matijanić’s partner Andrea Topić claims that the emergency medical service refused to hospitalize Matijanić despite his difficult condition caused by coronavirus infection.

She also claims that the infectious disease emergency department and the doctor on duty were also unresponsive and that two days before his death, Matijanić, who suffered from an autoimmune disease, was told that there was a shortage of a drug prescribed to prevent other illnesses. severe symptoms of COVID-19 in patients like him.


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