The medical care provided by the best health professionals is accessible to the elderly who wish to stay at home


(Good Things Utah) – You might not know exactly what you need, you just know that you or a family member needs help around the house. AMG Senior Medical Groups Nursing Navigators are here to help.

AMG Senior Medical Group hopes to revolutionize the way the healthcare system views the consumer and it does so with patients at the forefront. They are ready to rise to the challenge and to change the delivery of health care to seniors.

AMG Senior Medical Group was founded on the foundation of providing high quality, affordable health care to the many deserving people who live without it. As a medical group, its goal is to ensure that health does not become a fantasy luxury, but becomes, as it should be, a reality accessible to all who need it. Especially now everyone needs to be able to access life-saving medical services.

No matter where you live – Whether in an assisted living / independent living or in your own residence, AMG’s medical experts strive to provide a hands-on healthcare experience for everyone.

This is why AMG Senior Medical Group conducts home visits for elderly people in need who are unable or unwilling to leave their homes. Often times, people cannot make it to the doctor, so the doctor must be able to visit them. Home visits provided by AMG Senior Medical Group meet this need of the elderly.

AMG Senior Medical provides home care, palliative care, home doctor appointments, non-medical home care, notary services, assisted living placement assistance, resources for things like as insurance changes, understanding Medicare and Medicaid benefits, and other things.

Call to arrange a visit with Nicole and Brandi now. 1-800-767-4AMG.

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