The Japanese HLM home medical care platform acquires Care24 in cash


Japanese home medical assistance company Human Life Management (HLM) announced on Thursday that it has acquired home care platform Care24 for an undisclosed cash deal.

HLM, which has supported Care24 for two years, claims to own several companies in the health and other sectors.

After the takeover, HLM and Care24 will work together to develop and strengthen medical service offerings in India and expand their operations to Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The Japanese platform plans to roll out additional medical services for Care24 in India, including end-of-life care, home-based intensive care, family doctor subscription service, on-call doctor, plan execution care and training of doctors, as well as training materials. .

As Care24 plans to expand its operations in several Indian states, HLM and Care24, on the other hand, will jointly launch overseas services under the Care24 international brand.

HLM claimed to have worked closely with Care24 on several projects in India, the Middle East and Africa.

Human Life Management is part of the SIPS Group, which operates Home Medical Care in Japan, where it provides intensive care to more than 6,000 families through its partner Yushoukai Medical Corporation.

“We aim to fill the gaps in global medical expertise, best practices, capital and network in Japan, Southeast Asia with existing HLM and Care24 capabilities. All of our investors are equally excited and satisfied with this acquisition and strongly believe that HLM is the right long-term partner for us,” said Vipin Pathak, Founder and CEO of Care24.

Vipin Pathak and Garima Tripathi launched Care24, which provides professional care from trained caregivers to help patients recover at home. It has offices in Mumbai and Delhi and has been in business since 2014.

Human Life Management was established in 2002. It provides medical services for seniors, including home medical care, lifestyle assistance, and residential care. The firm is part of the SIPs group.

Yoshiki Sasaki, CEO of HLM, said: “HLM has been very excited by Care24’s strong track record of delivering home care to over 1,000 families per day, between Mumbai and Delhi, and has therefore instituted an acquisition entirely in cash.


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