The human face of medical tourism in the Philippines is now a global tourism hero


According to the World Tourism Network, the first tourism hero ever recognized in the Philippines is Czafiyhra Zaycev, also known as “The Irishman”.

Irish is a nurse at Makati Medical Center in Manila. She represents the new face of medical tourism in the Philippines.

“Medical tourism in the Philippines took a giant leap today. It all started after the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) summit that just ended in Manila. These are the words of WTN Chairman, Juergen Steinmetz , who was released from Makati Medical Center after being admitted to that hospital during the summit.

“Of course, medical tourism needs state-of-the-art facilities and doctors, it needs all the ingredients of an attractive tourist destination, but it needs a human face behind it. The Philippines has it all. “

The human face that represents the many faces that will make medical tourism in the Philippines complete is Mrs. Czafiyhra Zaycev, also known as the “Irish Girl”.

Irish was the nurse who went out of her way to buy an I-phone charger for Steinmetz while she was at Makati Medical Center in Manila.

Judging by his social media posts, this inspirational message from Mufti Menk guides Czafiyhra.

Be the first to be kind. Don’t wait for someone else to do it first. You never know the real impact you have on someone. That smile, a good word or a helping hand can change a person’s life. So do not hesitate. Do it because acts of kindness have huge ripple effects.

Iriish studied at Mindanao State University in Sulu and is originally from Jolu, Sulu, Philippines.

Tourism hero Czafiyhra Zaycev (known as the Irishman)
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Dr. Peter Tarlow, WTN President

Dr Peter Tarlow, Chairman of the World Tourism Network, said:
“The Irishman is the human face behind what will make medical tourism in the Philippines a success. Human kindness is something you can’t buy – and she showed her human face by taking that extra step.

Additionally, nurse Katrina Jaingue is among many healthcare workers in the Philippines adding to the friendly faces needed to bring out medical tourism. She responded to Steinmetz saying, “I just saw your TV interview with ABS CBN and was impressed when you mentioned your experience with MMC. “Katrina had provided her personal Phone Charger II to Juergen Steinmetz before Irish organized the permanent article.

Katrine Jaingue, nurse at MMC in Manila, Philippines

In addition, doctors at Makati Medical Centers go further. This message was received on Viber by Dr. Caoili, who treated Mr. Steinmetz.

Good afternoon sir. Message from Dr. Caoili
I am grateful and touched by your beautifully written article. Our role as healthcare workers is to provide good patient care and I am extremely happy that you feel very well taken care of at MMC. I wish you luck and hope your flight back to Hawaii goes smoothly. Maraming Salamat to Mabuhay ka!

Juergen Steinmetz, WTN President

WTN Chairman Steinmetz concluded: “Thank you Irish people for your kindness. To me, you are the face of a new chapter in tourism in the Philippines, medical tourism.

Thanks to leaders like you and so many of your team members in your profession, I am convinced that the development of medical tourism in your country has taken a giant leap forward after the WTTC summit.

You are our first Philippine tourism hero! -Congratulations!

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