The exponential growth of medical tourism in India


One of the fastest growing industries in India, medical tourism has grown exponentially over the past few years reaching a valuation of $6 billion and the numbers are expected to rise monumentally in the coming years. Establishing a strong foothold worldwide as a “Global Medical Destination”, India is attracting a lot of interest and trust in the global healthcare services industry due to its cost effectiveness compared to other countries, its highly qualified medical fraternity and minimal language barriers. English being common currency in the country

“Medical value tourism has grown exponentially and it is an industry with immense potential to add to the health of the economy. For us at SEPC it is paramount to create a support system and a blueprint for businesses to thrive, especially in this post-crisis economy.We are actively seeking to accelerate India’s healthcare and medical tourism sector.We have proposed SANJEEVANI India Heals, a meeting to promote India as a as a destination for exceptional wellness, pharmaceutical supply and healthcare.The idea is to showcase India on the global platform as the most cost effective and quality conscious country for tourism medical,” said Karan Rathore, vice chairman of the Services Export Promotion Council.

“Medical tourism is much more about facilitating the treatment of patients. It is the healthy experience to arrange a seamless medical experience for them and India has become one of the key destinations for medical tourism. Global Care has always been at the forefront of extending end-to-end services to our patients. We are currently treating over 1500 patients each month. We have around 350 stellar hospital groups on board including Fortis, Max Healthcare, Manipal Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals, Aster Group, Artemis, Rainbow, American Oncology Institute and W Pratiksha in India, UAE and Turkey. Our services ensure that the treatments are of the highest quality and are cost effective compared to countries like the US and Europe,” shared Rajeev Taneja, Founder and CEO of Global Care.

“India is rapidly becoming the ‘It’ destination for medical tourism. Our strength lies in our ability to deliver exceptional treatment supported by some of the world’s best medical professionals and state-of-the-art facilities. The diagnostic infrastructure and facilities are among the best in the world while being cost-effective, putting us at the center of the global healthcare industry,” said Kapil Chaddha, CEO of eExpedise Healthcare Group.

India is seeing an influx of patients from Bangladesh, Iraq, Maldives, Afghanistan, Oman, Yemen, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania. These countries account for about 88% of the total number of international patients visiting India and statistics show continued growth even for patients from developed countries. The sector is expected to grow by leaps and bounds by 2026.


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