The Big Mad: Muffins for Medical Care, Missouri lawmakers back blue, anti-readers unite


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  • State Representative Jered Taylor co-sponsored the Second Amendment Preservation Act, leaving law enforcement to deal with the problem.

Welcome to the Big Mad, the RFTthe weekly roundup of fair rage! Because we know your time is short and your anger is burning:

Ensure this: Every time you open your social media – and usually a few seconds after aimlessly scrolling – there’s a GoFundMe to pay someone’s medical bills after they’ve fallen ill or had a serious accident. Just this week, a little girl had to organize her own bake sale to help cover the cost of treating her chronic and painful illness because her insurance refused to pay. She is ten years, trying to help her parents pay her medical bills because the treatment is too expensive. How wild is it? Imagine what you were doing when you were ten years old – playing with your toys, trying to convince your parents to let you pass when the street lights come on – and now imagine the reality of Lyla McCarty: most days in pain, missing out on life. ‘being a child and prevented from getting treatment for the thing that was hurting him because an insurance company told him no. It is not just a failure of the insurance company, but a failure of the American health care system as a whole. the St. Louis Post-Expedition‘s Aisha Sultan reported that insurance company United Health has not even told the McCartys why they are refusing to cover Lyla’s care. How broken is a system that allows a little girl (or anyone, for that matter) to suffer without even explaining why she was denied coverage? The point is, Lyla won’t have a normal childhood because of a healthcare system that only cares about money, not the patients it is supposed to serve. And it’s just crazy for us.

None in the room: Missouri’s love for blind fire legislation prevents rural law enforcement from investigating violent gun crime, and yet, wouldn’t you know, Republican lawmakers in the The origin of the new State Second Amendment Preservation Act know much better than their badging critics. Indeed, as presented in the last episode of the news program 60 minutes, the job of prosecuting gun crimes has become stupidly onerous for the Missouri police, as they face prosecution for $ 50,000 for getting involved in federal gun laws. Among the voices, 60 minutes Featuring Poplar Bluff Police Chief Danny Whiteley describing his decision not to share crime scene evidence with the US Department of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives by fear of being sued. Does he think the law protects criminals? “I do not think it does, “Whiteley replied.” I to know It is not only Whiteley speaking, but a growing number of law enforcement officials alarmed by the removal of federal agencies and prosecutors from their critical roles in helping resource-hungry cases. But if you ask co-sponsors of the law, such as Missouri State Representative Jered Taylor, those thin-skinned cops and prosecutors are just misinformed, “I think they’re getting the wrong information.” Taylor said. 60 minutes, later adding that he was “not even willing to consider” making any changes to the laws. Apparently, supporting blue doesn’t require you to actually listen to them.

The illiterates: Good news everyone! The disconnected parents took a break after being unreasonably outraged by critical race theory and reverted to the familiar topic of books in high school libraries, causing fury. It’s been a minute since they checked out what kids are reading these days, apparently, and they’re flabbergasted that some students want to see characters who aren’t straight or white. Fox 2 Now reported that parents in Lindbergh School District want to see books like Crank, The girl who fell from the sky, Not all boys are blue – a collection of essays from a black gay man reflecting on his childhood, adolescence and college days – and the dystopian The Handmaid’s Tale withdrawn from high schools because the books are “too graphic”. At the right time, far-right Missouri state representative Adam Schnelting (still looking for good moral panic) weighed in on the debate in the Francis Howell School District, demanding that the books be taken down. Of course, the never-ending fake scandal poured in, questioning the morals of the school and “but what about the kids ?!” We hate to be the ones to tell those parents about it, but your teens are probably seeing a lot worse on TV or even in their own lives, but you can’t keep the same energy for it. Instead of, oh, actually caring about your kids’ education, you’d rather just take some books out of their schools that you’ve never read (the summary in a Facebook meme doesn’t count). Maybe just take a break from it all. Teachers have endured a lot this year with the endless tirades of anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers. They should be commended for successfully getting your kids to read.

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