Surabaya and Unair develop mobile application for medical tourism


“If we can run this program, it will automatically boost the economy, tourism, hotels, restaurants and other aspects in Surabaya.

Surabaya (ANTARA) – The administration of the Municipality of Surabaya in collaboration with the University of Airlangga (Unair) has prepared a mobile application for the medical tourism service in the city.

Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi noted that the app included in the Surabaya Medical Tourism Program, which was smoothly launched on September 27, is currently still under development by Unair.

“Later, the app will provide information about hospitals and their top services and costs. Users can also find information related to tourism, hotels, restaurants and various other facilities in the city, ”Cahyadi said.

The mayor later noted that the medical tourism service will provide the best health services in Surabaya. Cahyadi believes the city has vast potential to provide the best health services in Surabaya and eastern Indonesia.

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“If we can run this program, it will automatically boost the economy, tourism, hotels, restaurants and other aspects in Surabaya,” Cahyadi noted.

The mayor later explained that the mobile app will provide services to a patient undergoing medical treatment in Surabaya, including their accompanying friends or family. The service includes airport pickup, hospital arrangements, and a complete itinerary created for the patient.

Cahyadi also pointed out that some 70 percent of Indonesians sought treatment abroad, most of whom were residents of Surabaya. In fact, the medical treatment in Indonesia is not inferior to that abroad, he stressed.

This program was actually designed from Cahyadi’s experience meeting a patient from Surabaya, who had hired a private jet to travel overseas for medical treatment. However, the doctor on board diagnosed him with the same illness as the Surabaya doctor.

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“From experience, I have realized that we have great health workers with great hospitals. If patients can have great treatment in Indonesia, why should they go abroad? he remarked.

Cahyadi is optimistic about the success of the medical tourism program that will launch on November 10.

The government of Surabaya previously hosted a smooth launch of Surabaya medical tourism and the signing of the MoU regarding the implementation of medical tourism services at Surabaya City Hall on September 27.

The signing of the MoU was led by the Mayor of Surabaya Eri Cahyadi, the Rector of Airlangga University, Professor Mohammad Nasih, President of the Indonesian Hospitals Association of East Java Region Dodo Anondo, president of the Association of Indonesian Travel and Travel Agencies Imam Mahmudi, president of Astindo Yongky Yanwitarko, East Java region, and Dwi Cahyono, president of the regional association of hotels and restaurants of Indonesia in the section of East Java.

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