Special SOS call for medical assistance


By Chelreo P. Saye- Geh

The father of a 4-year-old boy calls on Liberians and other international organizations to help his son seek further medical care outside Liberia.

Armah Konneh, in his SOS call on Friday, December 17, recounted that his son, Success Konneh “had a little eye problem where my fiancée advised me to take him to an ophthalmologist for a medical opinion.”

According to him, on the advice of his fiancee, little Success was taken to a doctor in Ganta, identified as Beh Maweah Gehi, who according to Armah claimed to be an ophthalmologist at a medical facility in Ganta.

“When we took the boy to the facility, he said the boy’s eye was good and he could do the surgery job,” Konneh said.

According to a press release from the Liberia Medical and Dental Council (LMDC) dated October 28, 2021, a preliminary investigation has shown that Dr Gehi is a graduate of the Winifred J. Harley College of Nursing at The United Methodist University and accredited by the Liberian Board. for Nursing and Midwifery with License #: 2142 and, according to the report, Dr Gehi has been certified as an eye surgery nurse by the Gambia Nurse & Midwives Council.

Konneh, in a frustrated mood, further claimed that he had been billed five hundred US dollars (US $ 500.00) by Dr Beh Maweah Gehi and lobbied a few family members and that ‘he had used all of his business money to make sure his son’s condition was resolved.

According to him, his son’s eyes were operated on twice in August 2021 by Gehi while his eyes were closed for almost two weeks, but when he contacted the doctor, he asked them to use drops at all times. for the eyes, a situation that led her son to lose his sight.

“I visited New EyeSight” and another doctor identified as Robert Dole referred me to JFK Medical Center to an Indian doctor. During my visit to JFK, the doctor again told me that my son could not be managed here in Liberia except in India.

“My son was diagnosed with ‘Reverting cavity with corneal opacity and I was advised to undergo lens aspiration + cornea transplant,” he said.

Meanwhile, Armah said he came across a medical facility in India identified as the Center for Sight that is ready to perform surgery on the little Success Konneh with a cost of US $ 2,500.00 excluding ticket. plane which, he said, costs just over US $ 4,000 for a two-person round trip.

For his part, Dr Gehi said in a telephone interview with this reporter that he reserved all comments due to the intervention of the Liberian Medical Dental Council in this matter.

Konneh, however, calls on the government of Liberia, through President George Manneh Weah, philanthropists and other humanitarian organizations in Liberia and across Liberia, to intervene quickly to prevent his son from losing his sight.

The parents of Little Success Konneh can be reached at +231775200461 / +231886211260 / + 231777454560


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