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TBILISI / KYIV – Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has decided to refuse medical assistance to facilitate his hunger strike, Ukrainian MP Maxym Perebyinis, anesthesiologist, told reporters after meeting with Saakashvili at Rustavi prison on October 27.

“Misha (Mikheil Saakashvili) said that from today, because he is denied legal assistance, he refuses medical supervision, he refuses medical tests and procedures which facilitate his strike of the hungry, “Perebyinis said, noting that it would complicate and increase further. the risks of a hunger strike.

According to Perebyinis, he was not given the opportunity to examine Saakashvili and did not have access to his medical history. He noted that the prison administration said it was because he was allowed to meet with Saakashvili as a deputy, and not as a doctor.

“We spoke through the glass,” Perebyinis said.

“I believe that anyone who goes on a hunger strike for 27 days is a patient who needs medical observation, certain medical tests,” he said.

Verkhovna Rada Human Rights Commissioner Lyudmila Denisova also reported Saakashvili’s refusal of any medical treatment.

“Ukrainian citizen Mikheil Saakashvili, who is in prison n ° 12 in the city of Rustavi (Georgia) and has been on hunger strike since the 27th day, has refused any medical treatment. Her refusal to eat is life threatening, ”Denisova said on Facebook on October 27.

She called on the prison authorities to react immediately in the event that Saakashvili’s state of health deteriorates and to allow him to receive professional medical assistance in a civilian medical establishment.

Saakashvili, a former Georgian president and currently a citizen of Ukraine, arrived in Georgia secretly from Ukraine on September 29. He was arrested in Tbilisi on October 1 and is currently being held in a Rustavi prison.

Georgia had previously declared Saakashvili wanted as a person convicted in absentia in several criminal cases and treated as a suspect in others. Georgian authorities have repeatedly warned that he will be detained immediately after crossing the border. Saakashvili called his detention illegal and the charges against him falsified.


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