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PWF grants Rs 2,80,000/- as medical assistance to 6 journalists

May 21, 2022

PWF grants Rs 2,80,000/- as medical assistance to 6 journalists

PWF grants Rs 2,80,000/- as medical assistance to 6 journalists;
invites to apply for MFA 2022-23

Completing its fifth year of existence and four serving journalists, the Paomee Welfare Foundation (PWF) on Saturday disbursed Rs 2,80,000/- as assistance under Phase II of Medical Financial Assistance (MFA ) for 2021-22, an annual program, offered in two phases interspersed with six months.

Alternatively, the Paomee Welfare Foundation is inviting applications for MFA (first phase) for the year 2022-23 for treatment expenses incurred between April 1, 2022 and September 31, 2022. Disbursement will be made in October- November 2022.

The PWF team, led by its chairman, Wangkhemcha Shamjai, senior administrators Aribam Balkrishna Sharma, K. Sarojkumar Sharma and Sunzu Bachaspatimayum handed over the financial aid to the six 2021-22 MFA recipients during a simple function distribution held at the Manipur Press Club.

A total of six applications were received, requesting assistance under the Medical Financial Assistance Program (Second Phase) for 2021-22. Subsequently, the applications were all forwarded to the PWF Medical Council, which is made up of doctors from RIMS, JNIMS and Shija hospitals.

After the high-level medical board deliberated and gave its recommendations, the board at a meeting, held on May 20, 2022, under the chairmanship of the Trust’s chairman, Wangkhemcha Shamjai, endorsed the medical board’s recommendation. in its entirety. .

Khumukcham Rajen Singh of Sanaleipak, who is undergoing chemotherapy for his cancer treatment, has been given the maximum aid with Rs. 90,000/- awarded to him. Pandam’s Sinam Pinky Devi received the second highest support of Rs. 70,000/- for her mother’s kidney stone case.

While Paonam Robert Singh from Poknapham received Rs. 40,000/- as help for her son’s genetic disease, Babie Shirin from Imphal Free Press received Rs. 35,000/- as help for her case of gallstones. Loushigam James Singh from Paonikhon received Rs. 30,000/- as assistance for the treatment of his mother’s fractures and Ningombam Noren Meitei as a former member of AMWJU received Rs. 15,000/- for his treatment expenses liver chronicle.

PWF’s MFA scheme is annual financial assistance offered in two phases interspersed with six months. The Paomee Welfare Foundation was established in 2017 to independently manage AMWJU’s corpus funds of over Rs 85 lakhs, raised through a mega lottery held in 2017. The Foundation provides one-time medical financial assistance to its retired and current members. Members present who may also designate a member of their immediate family as beneficiary. PWF finances its medical assistance program from the interest generated from the corpus fund held in fixed deposit with the State Bank of India.

Paomee Welfare Foundation
Manipur Press Club Building,
Majorkhul, Imphal

* This press release was sent to by the Paomee Welfare Foundation who can be contacted at pwf(DOT)manipur(AT)gmail(DOT)com
This press release was published on May 22, 2022

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