Retired nurse gives back to Ocean University Medical Center with time and money


For 26 years, Sharon Dymnioski worked in the maternity ward at Ocean University Medical Center. She began labor and delivery, caring for expectant mothers, then moved to daycare, where she cared for newborns.

After his retirement, he missed the hospital and all his old friends. So she returned to the nursery, this time as a volunteer, to perform hearing screenings on newborn babies. “They call me a volunteer nurse,” she says. “Because I have experience in the nursery, I can do the hearing screenings as well as other things, like taking babies’ vital signs and staying with newborns when the nurses have to deliver,” she says. .

But his hospital service did not stop and still does not stop there. She is currently president of the Guild of Ocean University Medical Center, a non-profit organization that funds educational and other healthcare-related services in the hospital and throughout the community. “We fundraise for the hospital for smaller pieces of equipment, we donate to the Common Ground Grief Center, which provides peer support groups for children grieving after a loss, and we help the Mental Health Association, which does suicide prevention work,” she says.

The hospital is a priority for Sharon, so much so that she recently pledged to donate a $500,000 annuity to the Hackensack Meridian Ocean University Medical Center Foundation. “As the hospital grew, it became more endearing to me,” she says. “There’s so much innovative, cutting-edge stuff available now that just wasn’t accessible to the local community 20 years ago, and I thought, ‘We just have to keep it going.'”

The donation will go specifically to maternity, which offers a unique opportunity. “Sometimes maternity is the very first time a woman comes to the hospital. When she sees it’s a warm and comforting place, she’ll remember it,” Sharon says.

As for Ocean, they are grateful beyond measure. “Sharon is an incredibly generous donor, career nurse and long-time volunteer. She embodies the community spirit and generosity of spirit of Ocean University Medical Center,” said Jason A. Kreitner, FACHE, President and CEO of Ocean Hospital.

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