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Extensive analysis of data from around the world has shown that many patients with a life-threatening injury or life-threatening medical condition die within the first hour. If the patient is transferred to a health facility within an hour, the chances of saving the patient or minimizing the resulting disabilities are greater. Therefore, it is aptly called “Golden Hour”. In the ambulance, first aid and primary care can be given to stabilize the patient. This is why pre-hospital care is particularly important in reducing mortality, reducing complications and reducing the incidence of disability.

Ziqitza’s team of doctors analyzed the data from the emergencies treated. The average of the data from these states shows that the top emergencies handled are pregnancy-related emergencies, trauma (traffic accidents and other injuries), gastrointestinal issues, chest pain or respiratory issues, and transfers between establishments (i.e. transfers between two hospitals). Transport of suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 has been excluded.

Ziqitza Healthcare medical experts point out that the importance of pre-hospital care is discussed in these emergencies.

Pregnancy-related emergencies can be deadly to both mother and unborn fetus. They include severe bleeding, prolonged or obstructed labor, high blood pressure during pregnancy, or infections. Unsafe abortions also contribute to maternal mortality. The newborn may be at risk due to prolonged labor, low birth weight, or respiratory failure immediately after birth.

The incidence of death and disability from road traffic accidents and other injuries is also remarkably high. Injuries to the head, chest and abdomen, major bleeding, aggression, burns, electric shocks are the main causes. Wounds can become infected if not cleaned immediately and later can cause serious infection that can kill the patient. Therefore, pre-hospital care is a must, noted the medical team of Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd.

Sometimes the patient needs to be referred to a tertiary care hospital as the manpower and facilities may not be adequate in a primary care hospital. Life-saving surgeries for head, chest and abdomen injuries, need for blood transfusions or medical conditions such as heart attacks, life-threatening infections can be treated at a hospital where advanced facilities are available .

Any sudden difficulty breathing or severe allergy or chest pain indicating a heart attack are serious medical emergencies and require prompt transport to hospital to save lives. Gastrointestinal problems, especially severe diarrhea and vomiting, can be fatal, especially in children, as they lead to severe dehydration and low BP. Giving oral rehydration solution or IV fluids can be lifesaving. Similar observations were made by the team of Ziqitza Rajasthan.

Ziqitza Healthcare Limited works regularly with state governments and the National Health Mission (NHM), to operate the 108 hotline for medical emergencies for the general public. 108 ambulance services are operated by the respective state governments in all states. This is a free service available to the public for emergency transportation. Anyone who needs an ambulance can call the free number “108”. Call center executives record the necessary details and, depending on the nature of the emergency, assign an ambulance to the case. The ambulance is led by a qualified emergency medical technician and a driver trained in first aid. The patient is taken to the nearest public health care facility for management. The service is also used for inter-facility transfer from a primary healthcare facility to a higher center when the patient requires more advanced care. The EMT may also contact a doctor on call for advice.

Chandan Dutta, Chief Business Officer of Ziqitza Health Care Limited, said: “Our paramedics stationed in the 108 arriving ambulances assess the patient and initiate patient management at the scene and during transport. If necessary, a doctor on call is consulted for further assistance to the patient on board. When it comes to medical emergencies, every second counts to save a precious life. The first few seconds after a serious accident or other illness emergency are of the utmost importance and can be a difference of life or death in most cases. In such unfortunate situations, emergency ambulance services can be proven as lifesavers in several aspects. “

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