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Hubballi: The number of plastic surgery procedures in North Karnataka has nearly doubled in the past five years, thanks to advances in cosmetic surgery.
Most doctors and medical staff here are known to adhere to safety protocols while maintaining quality. That aside, the cost is 50% cheaper than in Bengaluru, Mumbai and other cities.
Therefore, many professionals, such as technicians and service industry employees, prefer to boil it down to hubballiBelagavi, Vijayapura and other towns in the region for treatment. Even privacy-conscious film and television actors and models choose to have their surgery done in the cities of North Karnataka.
Doctor H.S. Shirola well-known plastic surgeon in Hubballi, told TOI that there has been a lot of buzz in the media recently about cosmetic surgery procedures called liposuction.
“Many rumors about the safety and necessity of this procedure are spread by unqualified experts and charlatans. Liposuction, also known as fat reduction surgery, is a cosmetic surgical procedure used to improve body shape or accentuate body contour. Mega liposuction is used to help overweight or obese people lose weight. Mini-liposuction is used to treat residual, stubborn and stubborn pockets of fat that persist after physical exercise,” he explained.
Another plastic surgeon, Dr. Jithendra N, said that plastic surgeries can change people’s lives. “Although few people would philosophically say that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty, the impact of beautiful faces and bodies on self-confidence, self-esteem, career advancement and relationship building is remarkable,” he added.
Many NRIs include cosmetic surgery in their North Karnataka itinerary.
“If the cities in North Karnataka get international flights, more people from other countries will come here for treatment and it will take medical tourism in the region to the next level. is almost half the price, and employee salaries, property expenses and cost of living are lower than in cities like Bangalore,” the doctors said.
Dr. Satish HV, a cosmetic surgeon in Bengaluru, said the post-pandemic economic recovery, along with increased awareness, has boosted plastic surgeries in North Karnataka. “There is a high demand for minor surgeries for the nose and other camera-facing parts, breast-related surgeries and liposuction for people over 30,” he observed. .
Software engineer and TV series actor Sangeetha (name changed) from Bengaluru said she recently had breast implant surgery which boosted her confidence in her professional and personal life. “Because the cost is lower and privacy can be maintained, I preferred to have it at Hubballi,” she said.


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