Permian Regional Medical Center memory care project delayed due to COVID-19


The inauguration of the Memory Care Unit is now scheduled to take place on January 1.

ANDREWS, Texas – The recent COVID-19 outbreak in the past two months has impacted most hospitals when it comes to staffing and caring for more patients.

However, for the Permian Regional Medical Center, the virus has also delayed construction of a new building designed for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The new unit will be the first of its kind in Andrews, with current patients expected to move elsewhere.

“They have to be placed in these specialized memory care units and the closest are in Midland, Lubbock, Brownwood area, so it’s just a bit of a stretch for the family to have to place their loved one in memory care units. memory so far at home, ”said Donny Booth, CEO of Permian Regional Medical Center.

Many people in Andrews are eagerly awaiting the new unit.

“A lot of people have come to me and told me they can’t wait for the memory unit to open, so they can either, A, move their mother here or even some people take care of it. from their mother. at home, ”Booth said.

The memory care unit was supposed to debut on October 1, but that did not happen due to COVID-19. The inauguration is now scheduled to take place on January 1.

“There are two parts that have really been a challenge for the construction industry, one is the cost of materials, and for construction, that doesn’t bode well for you to stay on budget,” he said. said Booth.

High construction prices delayed the project because the hospital had budgeted $ 8 million, and they want to stick with that.

“We hate that COVID has put the brakes on the whole project, and I know we’ve even heard it from community members, but being fiscally responsible, we need to do what’s in the best interest of the community and of our taxpayers, ”Booth said.


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