Northern Arizona Healthcare Sets Schedule for New Flagstaff Medical Center Campus | Local


“We just dived a little deeper into the shape of the building, what this hospital might look like… but we didn’t make that detailed design effort until we understood what stood out in the room. city ​​planning zoning, and we still have future community meetings scheduled to take place later this year, ”he said.

NAH plans to continue working at the schematic level until the plans go through Planning and Zoning and Flagstaff City Council. More detailed design work will follow.

“We don’t want to go very far without understanding what the city expects of us and what the committee expects of us,” Eiss said.

Due to its smaller size, ACC plans will be submitted and completed first.

Eiss said ACC design drawings would take about seven months, and hospital designs would take about a year.

Once the design drawings are completed, NAH will submit them to the city for a building permit.

“There is a zoning approval process, that’s what we’re going through right now [and] tells us what we can build, where we can build it on our site and clarifies the densities, heights – the aesthetics of the building, ”said Eiss. “But then after that, deal with the actual construction documents that our architects and engineers have put together and which we are going to build on the need to go to the public safety division for the actual building permit.”


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