Newcastle vs Tottenham cut off as fan medical assistance is needed


Emergency aid was needed.

The match between Newcastle and Tottenham has been put on hold due to a medical emergency in the stands.

Towards the end of the first half, Spurs defender Sergio Reguilon could be seen informing the referee that something was wrong with a fan in the stands, which led the medical team from St. James’ Park to enter the field.

Spurs’ Eric Dier signaled to the medical team that a defibrillator would be needed, while fans could be both seen and heard begging the doctor to rush over to the concerned supporter.

After a conversation with one of the ground stewards, referee André Marriner temporarily suspended play, and sent the players to the locker room.

Medical assistance needed for Newcastle vs Spurs match

First aid teams on both sides and local emergency teams were both in action.

Speaking at halftime, David Ginola said the presence of defibrillators at football games is “vital”, and that people in the stands who can perform CPR are also essential.

“We should all be shown how to practice CPR, to help each other,” he said.

Ginola himself spoke about the fact that he had a heart attack in 2016 while playing a charity match, and said he felt “weird” as a result.

The fan who needed medical assistance has now been taken to a hospital by ambulance.

The rest of the game will now be over, with Spurs leading 2-1. There will be minutes left in the first half, depending on the stadium’s sound system.

Jamie Redknapp also said he was keeping his fingers crossed that the person in question was in the right place at the right time, and that football is completely irrelevant at the moment.

The former Ireland international has tweeted his best wishes for the fan who is receiving the medical treatment.

Gary Lineker praised the response from fans and players.

The most recent update comes from Spurs, who said the ventilator is stabilized and on its way to the hospital.

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