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NEW DELHI: The Indian Navy evacuated a Filipino crew member from a merchant ship off the coast of Kochi after his health rapidly deteriorated due to suspected COVID-19.

Michel John Abaygar, the MV Lyric Poet ship’s chief officer, was evacuated on Tuesday using a forward light helicopter (ALH) by Southern Naval Command (SNC), Navy officials said.

The ship was en route to Machong from Gibraltar.

At around 4 p.m. on Tuesday, the SNC received information regarding a suspected positive COVID-19 case from a Filipino male crew at Coast Guard headquarters. The ship’s local agent suggested the medical condition Chief Officer Michel John Abaygar was severely deteriorating with depleted oxygen levels and required immediate medical evacuation, ”said an Indian Navy spokesperson.

He said an ALH was immediately launched from INS Garuda to carry out the medical evacuation.

“The helicopter pilots, demonstrating extraordinary skill and professionalism, successfully completed the mission in adverse weather conditions and ensured the safe evacuation of the patient,” the carrier said. word.

Abaygar was brought to INS Garuda and subsequently admitted to INHS Sanjivini, a naval hospital, for further treatment.

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