MP’s government to launch veterinary care units for medical assistance to animals


The government of Madhya Pradesh has decided to set up mobile veterinary units modeled on the state’s ‘108’ ambulance service to provide medical assistance to animals at the doorstep.

The state cabinet approved the proposal in this regard on Tuesday. These veterinary units (van) will operate on the lines of the 108 services, which will have a veterinarian, an assistant and a driver who will be delegated to these vans.

According to Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra, each mobile unit comprising a doctor and assistant will be available on call. “The government has decided to form mobile veterinary units to provide medical assistance to animals. These units will operate on the model of the 108 services. A veterinarian, an assistant and a driver will be delegated to these vans”, specified the Minister.

He added that to ensure the smooth functioning of veterinary units across the state, the government has also decided to set up district and ward level committees to oversee the program.

“Each block will have at least one such van. Larger blocks will be provided with at least two units. A three-tier system will be set up at state, district and block level to operationalize the concept of veterinary care mobile,” explained Mishra.

In another decision, the cabinet also decided to hand over the work of Ram Van Gaman Path to the state culture department to implement the religious endowment department program.

The cabinet has also sanctioned posts for the start up of various offices in Niwadi and Agar districts of the state including the Department of Forestry, PHE, Food and Public Relations among others.



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