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AUSTIN, Texas, November 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – According to Hair Center Mexico, a hair transplant clinic in Tijuana, the number of visits by American patients Tijuana increased even with the current travel restriction.

The world has seen a change in patient mobility. People travel abroad to access cutting-edge medical care at affordable prices.

Around 1.2 million travelers around the world visit Mexico for expensive medical procedures in their country or not covered by their insurance plan.

Mexico is one of the top-rated destinations for medical tourism, especially for Americans and Canadians due to its proximity. About 800,000 to 1 million Americans travel to Mexico every year for medical purposes. According to the Medical Tourism Association, 8 out of 10 travelers who visit Mexico for medical procedures are American.

As reported by the Mexican Council for the Medical Tourism Industry, Mexico sees the greatest influx of foreign patients seeking dental services, plastic surgery, weight loss surgery, etc.

On average, the treatments in Mexico are between 30 and 70% lower than United States. Estimates made by the Medical Tourism Corporations show that patients can save up to 70% of what they would spend on United States.

The most common medical procedures in Mexico are the following:

  • Hair transplant (FUE). Patients suffering from baldness or alopecia can restore their hair through this surgical procedure.

    The average price of a hair transplant in Tijuana, Mexico entered $ 2,990 To $ 6,990.

  • Knee replacement surgery replaces damaged parts of the knee joint with artificial parts.

    There is a dramatic reduction in pain and an increase in mobility.

    The cost of knee replacement surgery Mexico entered $ 7,000 To $ 15,800.

As reported by Statista, 728,000 medical tourists visited Mexico in March 2020, which makes it a popular destination for medical tourism.

Mexico is a premier destination for high quality, low cost medical procedures. However, it is important to do careful research, review patient reviews, hospital accreditations, and assess potential risks.

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