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Medical tourism has long become a well-developed field, with hundreds of thousands of patients choosing treatment abroad each year. Medical tourists are usually patients of different age groups, who do not have the opportunity (or desire) to receive the appropriate therapy in their home country, and treatment abroad is the best choice for them.

For which patients do they go abroad?

Medical tourism is travel abroad for medical care. According to international studies, patients choose treatment abroad for specific reasons such as advanced high-tech procedures performed by qualified doctors, attentive and humane attitude, immediate medical care without a long waiting list or savings.

Medical tourism in Germany is one of the leaders globally. Germany ranks second in Europe after Switzerland in terms of funding for the medical industry. The funds are used for improving the technical equipment of hospitals and for research in the treatment of cancer and other medical fields.

There are also reasons why people travel to Germany specifically, such as the qualification of doctors, the quality of medical services and equipment, and advanced treatment techniques. The examination and treatment in German hospitals follows international protocols. Hospitals only use brand name medicines made specifically for European Union countries.

University hospitals have research centers, so medical innovations are quickly incorporated into treatment programs. For example, robotic surgeries are used to remove malignant tumors without damaging surrounding tissue, and nuclear therapy is used to treat brain neoplasms.

Innovative treatment techniques

Oncology is a rapidly developing branch of medicine. Approaches to the treatment of malignant tumors have undergone great changes over the past decade. Modern chemotherapies with minimal side effects, targeted therapy and various other drugs have appeared. Radiotherapy for oncology has become more targeted and surgical treatment is now minimally invasive and less traumatic.

Treatment of cancer with lutetium-177 is a promising radionuclide therapy option, as the drug is delivered directly to the affected tissue, creating a high concentration therein. Lutetium-177 has optimal characteristics which allow the destruction of localized malignant tumors and is particularly suitable for patients with metastatic cancer. Lutetium treatment does not harm healthy tissue.

Lutetium PSMA therapy is a treatment technique that has shown good results in patients with resistant prostate cancer. Clinical studies conducted in different countries confirm that treatment with lutetium-177 is effective, well tolerated and has a good safety profile.

In European countries, treatment with Lutetium-177 requires short-term hospitalization. During the hospitalization period (3-4 days), the patient undergoes the necessary examinations, including PET-CT, the PSMA study and general clinical studies, receives treatment and remains under observation for 1-2 days.

The price of lutetium therapy for the treatment of prostate cancer starts at 8,378 EUR. To compare the lutetium price-177 therapy in different health facilities, visit Booking Health website.

Does medical tourism work during lockdown?

It is best to start with a consultation, as a medical tourism specialist will help you understand where patients can get the treatment they need. These consultations are provided by Booking Health.

Booking Health provides patients with a full range of services, namely the preparation of all the documents necessary for the trip (plane tickets, visa, insurance, contracts, etc.), the organization of accommodation and the provision of an interpreter is available for the entire trip.

Booking Health has been ranked as the best medical tourism company, it has the ISO 9001: 2015 international quality control certificate in the relevant field. The company takes care of all questions related to the organization of your trip, including obtaining the visa and the entry authorization during a lockdown. If you want to know more about medical tourism in Germany, do not hesitate to visit the Booking Health website.


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