Medical center reminds community of visitor policy amid COVID-19 outbreak


MercyOne Medical Center locations like that of clinton continue to be seriously affected by the increase in the number of patients.

“We recognize that the support of a family member or friend contributes to the patient experience, safety and recovery,” reads a press release. “We want to balance these important elements with the need to protect patients and colleagues from unnecessary exposure to COVID-19.”

Like cases are increasing in the region, MercyOne reminds the community of its visiting policy.

Patients are allowed up to one visitor at a time, and all visitors are required to:

  • Be at least 18 years old, except in extenuating circumstances, such as end of life.
  • Have no signs of illness and be screened for symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Adhere to COVID precautionary guidelines, including hand hygiene and mandatory mask wearing at all times. Additional PPE can be provided for support persons if required.
  • Stay in their respective patient’s room, if applicable, and only exit this area when entering, exiting, or if food is obtained from the cafeteria or vending machine. The visitor’s mask must always remain in the patient’s room. During certain procedures, support persons may be asked to leave.
  • Not be present during intermittent or continuous aerosol generating (AGP) procedures during the visit.

If a patient already has a visitor in their room, MercyOne asks the next visitor to wait in their vehicle until the patient is available or come back later.

The medical center says it is unable to accommodate visitors in the waiting area lobby as it is currently designated as a patient waiting area.

“Minimizing the spread of the disease is crucial. MercyOne is enforcing these visitor restrictions to help keep patients, visitors and colleagues safe,” a press release read. “We appreciate your support and cooperation. Please follow safe health practices to relieve stress on you and your health system.

To further prevent the medical center from experiencing more patients, MercyOne is urging people to take advantage of home COVID-19 test kits.


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