Malaysia’s private hospitals welcome new medical tourism strategy


The Malaysian Private Hospital Association (APHM) said it would support the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Industry Plan 2021-2025, stating that he is confident that the three pillars listed in the plan to boost the country’s medical tourism industry are achievable.

Malaysia’s National Recovery Council proposes to reopen borders to foreign travelers by January 1, 2022. The country plans to facilitate the reopening of its international tourism sector. It has opened up to fully vaccinated tourists from certain countries to visit without quarantine, but only at the northern resort island of Langkawi.

APHM highlights that private hospitals are the main participants in the Malaysia Health Travel Industry Plan 2021-2025. He believes that medical tourism has been one of the major contributors to Malaysia’s economic growth, so having a guide to boost the recovery of this industry is crucial.

The success of Malaysia’s health tourism sector is attributed to three aspects: first-rate healthcare, high-tech facilities and access to innovative treatments. The APHM suggests that rapid access to innovative and high-quality drugs will support the growth of this industry in the face of regional competition.

The association hopes to achieve significant growth in medical tourism in the country over the next five years.

The Malaysian Health Travel Council (MHTC) also recently hosted insigHT2021, regarded as the region’s premier medical travel market information conference. The conference focused on how the global medical travel industry can remain resilient in its maneuvers in the face of uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The MHTC said it will continue to build confidence in Malaysian healthcare as a thought leader for the industry.


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