LewisGale Medical Center expands infusion center with more patient convenience


Salem, Virginia. – Bringing cancer care closer to home is the mission of the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute in Lewsigale. That’s why LewisGale Medical Center in Salem recently expanded its infusion center.

“This new infusion center has 21 individual bays with new chairs that provide warmth and massage to patients during their treatment,” said April Woodward, vice president of oncology at LewisGale Medical Center.

Woodward says they have grown from 15 to 21 bays, now able to serve more patients.

“Sarah Cannon’s whole mission was to bring cancer treatment closer to home so people don’t have to travel,” Woodward said. “And today, especially with the economic challenges and the financial constraints of people, it’s extremely important to have this cancer treatment closer to home,” she said.

During the construction of the new facility, patient comfort was at the center of the project.

“Some patients can be here for 30 minutes, some patients can be here for several hours, I’m talking about five hours,” Woodward said. “So it’s important that the patients feel comfortable, safe and it’s important for someone accompanying them. A spouse, friend or partner, to also feel comfortable in this space,” she said.

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The infusion center is now housed in the same location as the radiotherapy center with a separate entrance specifically for oncology. Make treatment more convenient so patients can focus on what matters.

“And then they can come in and focus on care and treatment and improvement,” Woodward said.

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