Kerrville: expansion of Peterson Regional Medical Center scheduled for 2022


Feature illustration: Conceptual render of the proposed Peterson Surgical Center in Kerrville. Courtesy of: Peterson Health Foundation.

Posted: 30-12-2021

by Adolfo Pesquera

Kerrville (Kerr County) – The town planning and zoning commission recommended to the municipal council the annexation of land belonging to the Peterson Regional Medical Center to help achieve their expansion plans.

At the Dec. 2 session of the P&Z Commission, supported an annex request for 168.8 acres of land currently classified as a public and institutional district or an agricultural district.

Map of the land Peterson Regional wants to annex to the city.

The staff report indicates that the applicant, Peterson Regional, is requesting annexation to allow for future expansion of the PRMC master plan.

The envisioned area is much larger than the hospital’s immediate expansion plans, however, Peterson Regional President and CEO Cory edmondson announced on May 10 the Peterson Health Foundation was launching their “Today. Tomorrow. Always. Capital Campaign” to raise $ 15 million.

The aim of the campaign is to provide funds to build a new outpatient surgery center and completely renovate the outpatient care center.

When the project was announced, officials at Peterson Health said the facilities would be named the David and Amanda Williams Surgery Center and the Pevehouse Ambulatory Care Center in recognition of the generosity of private donors who launched the fundraising campaign.

In June, Fitch reviews commented on the project:

“Management has planned strategically to find ways to capture additional market share and meet the growing health care needs of the community.

“As a result, PRMC will renovate / expand the current outpatient care center and build a new outpatient surgery center to provide expanded care capacity to the local community.

“PRMC will innovate on both projects in 2022 and completion is expected in 2023.”

Fitch confirmed an “A” rating for the 2015 Hospital Revenue Bonds issued on behalf of PRMC by the Kerrville Healthcare Facility Development Corporation.

VBX Project ID: 2021-8BB3

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