Judge orders UCLA doctors to continue medical care for mother


A judge on Wednesday ordered UCLA doctors to continue giving a sick woman life-saving care for now, rather than ‘comfort’ measures her son says his doctors were planning to implement as early as Friday. , which could lead to his death.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff did not issue a temporary restraining order against UCLA doctors wanted by David L. Carey of Chatsworth, the son of Jeanne M. Carey . The lawsuit was filed Tuesday against UC regents and several UCLA doctors.

After hearing David Carey’s testimony, the judge continued the TRO hearing until Monday afternoon, but said the Regents and UCLA must in the meantime “maintain the status quo and standard of care of (Jeanne Carey) and not institute comfort care measures in the meantime”. new court order.

Beckloff’s order allows David Carey to transfer his mother to another facility if he wishes.

According to the lawsuit, if UCLA were allowed to suspend Jeanne Carey’s current medical treatment, she would “almost certainly die.”

David Carey wants time to find another medical facility, such as Barlow Respiratory Hospital, to meet his mother’s life-saving medical needs, or a trial extubation and/or tracheotomy if another place of care isn’t available. is not found, says the suit.

A UCLA representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

David Carey brought his mother to UCLA Medical Center on Oct. 13 from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and she has been intubated since then, according to the suit, which does not describe her illness.

Using his power of attorney, David Carey signed a medical prescription document for life-sustaining treatment stating that his mother should receive full treatment “by all medically effective means in all situations, including CPR and complete respiratory support, including intubation”. the suit declares.

However, on November 15, doctors at UCLA decided that “comfort” measures would be implemented as early as Friday, according to the suit.

“In doing so, UCLA would not attempt to resuscitate Ms. Carey if the need arose, would not reintubate her if the need arose, and would discontinue all supportive measures such as suctioning, l food, medicine and water. , which is in violation of … POLST,” the lawsuit states.

An MRI of Jeanne Carey’s brain shows she is not ‘brain dead’, according to the suit, which further indicates that she breathes using a ventilator, is able to follow commands and responds to his son.

Over the past week, UCLA doctors told David Carey they would not agree to re-intubate his mother if she failed a breath test in alleged violation of POLST, the suit alleges.

On Nov. 18, doctors at UCLA stopped taking lab tests to monitor Jeanne Carey’s condition, her son says in a sworn statement supporting TRO’s claim.


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