Journalist Siddique Kappan refused medical treatment and alleges contempt plea in Supreme Court


A Kerala journalists’ union filed a contempt plea in the Supreme Court on Wednesday, alleging that government officials in Uttar Pradesh removed journalist Siddque Kappan from a hospital on May 6 when he was not did not smell well. Live Law reported.

The Journalists Association said the ruling violated a court order.

“The accused is still in need of medical assistance, which has been denied to him, and the delay in treatment will result in irreparable injury,” the Kerala Union Of Working Journalists said in its plea, according to The footprint. The group said Kappan was in great pain.

Kappan, a journalist from Kerala, was arrested in October last year while traveling to Hathras district in Uttar Pradesh to report on the gang rape case. Four upper Thakur caste men tortured and raped a Dalit woman in the district in September 2020.

Police alleged that Kappan was traveling to Hathras as part of a plot to create public disorder and instigate caste riots. The journalist was charged with sedition and also imprisoned under the Illegal Activities (Prevention) Act.

Kappan had tested positive for the coronavirus in April. He would also have several comorbidities.

The Supreme Court ordered the government of Uttar Pradesh in April to transfer him to a Delhi hospital for treatment. The court also said that Kappan should not be released until he recovers, Live Law reported.

In its plea, filed on Wednesday, the Kerala Union Of Working Journalists said that despite the court order, Kappan was released from hospital on May 6 at midnight while still being treated for the coronavirus.

“The fact of discharging Mr. Sidhique Kappan at midnight on 06.05.2021, or even depriving him of his sleep amounted to contempt of court, according to the request, according to the request. The footprint.

The journalists’ union has called for action against the senior director of Mathura prison, the Uttar Pradesh police chief and senior government officials, the news portal reported.

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Charges against Kappan

Police said Kappan was part of the Popular Front of India, a radical Muslim organization that authorities accuse of having links to extremist groups. The Kerala Union of Working Journalists denied the police charge.

The Uttar Pradesh task force claimed in its indictment, filed in April, that Kappan did not write as a “responsible journalist” and reported events to “incite Muslims”. He also accused the journalist of “trying to promote the terrorist program” of the banned Islamic Student Movement in India.

The indictment cited 36 articles written by Kappan as evidence of the incitement charges.

The articles include one on the Nizamuddin Markaz Mosque in Delhi, blamed for thousands of coronavirus infections across the country in the first weeks of the national lockdown in March 2020. The event had renewed stigma against Muslims, triggering a wave of corporate boycotts and hate speech. .

In June, a court in Mathura dropped three bail charges against journalist Siddique Kappan, Atikur Rahman, Aalam and Masood, after police failed to complete the investigation within the prescribed six-month deadline.

The charges relate to the apprehension of a violation of public order by an individual and the prevention of the commission of offenses falling within the competence of knowledge.

The journalist’s continued detention sparked massive outrage. On Tuesday, members of various journalists’ associations demonstrated in front of the Press Club of India in Delhi. They demanded Kappan’s immediate release, PTI reported.

The Editors Guild of India said in April that the treatment inflicted on Kappan should move the conscience of the country.


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