Jordan’s safety index jumps to positively reflect medical tourism – PHA | Culture & Society


Ammon news – Ahmed al-Ahmad, board member of the Private Hospitals Association (PHA), expressed optimism that medical tourism will return as the sector’s primary source of revenue, after Jordan made a big leap in forward on the Gallup Law and Order index, moving from 34th to 16th place worldwide.

In a press release on Saturday, al-Ahmad said Jordan’s progress reflects the extent of the rule of law, security and safety in the Kingdom, adding that such progress will support the tourism sector, namely medical tourism.

These indicators, he said, strongly support the efforts of the private sector to attract foreign investment and promote domestic tourism, which will increase employment opportunities and reduce unemployment rates.

Al-Ahmad said the private hospitals have local and international accreditations and operate according to international standards. In addition, state-of-the-art medical devices and equipment are available, including state-of-the-art laboratories, radiology, nuclear medicine and oncology centers.

He highlighted the superior quality of medical services provided in the Kingdom, in addition to the affordable treatment prices compared to countries in the region and Europe.

In addition, therapy stations and hospitals are spread all over Jordan, such as the Dead Sea and Ma’in hot springs, he said.

Earlier, the Gallup International Association (GIA) released its 2021 Law and Order report, which included 115 countries. The report relied in its scientific research on a number of sub-indicators, the top of which assesses people’s sense of personal safety and their personal experiences with crime and law enforcement.


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