Joint effort ensures vulnerable residents receive medical care | New


Emergency services, the NHS, councils and members of a community have come together to help a resident in need during the coordinated weekend response to Storm Arwen.

The mercy mission meant that a patient in need of hospital care could be transferred from his isolated home.

The patient was receiving care at home, but when Storm Arwen hit, access to his home was blocked by snow and fallen trees, as well as loss of power and phone contact.

Our motorway and social care teams, staff from the South Tees NHS, the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, the Yorkshire Ambulance Service and a local farmer worked together to clear a path to the the person’s home and transport them to an ambulance on a stretcher.

Sandblasting crews stood ready to ensure vehicles could travel safely on otherwise dangerous roads to take him to Friarage Hospital in Northallerton, where NHS staff had a bed waiting.

Hilary Lloyd, head nurse at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Community nursing teams have gone above and beyond to access isolated properties and provide much needed help. “

Jayne Charlton, North Yorkshire Motorway Area Manager, said: ‘An agricultural contractor plowed and sanded an unclassified road leading to the property, but it became apparent that there were trees in the park. house causing access problems.

“The firefighters cleared a path through the trees and we were coordinated to a meeting point, where the patient could be stretchered back to the ambulance and taken to the hospital. The farm entrepreneur is a local resident and he responded very quickly when we called for help. This has been of great help and illustrates how the community plays a vital role in these situations.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Group Director Thomas Hirst helped coordinate their response, with the local on-call firefighting team assisting with the person’s transfer to hospital. “Our crews have done an absolutely remarkable job,” he said. “It was a great multi-agency response. It was a great example of everyone’s collaboration. It couldn’t have been a more rural location.

Ken Lowe, Area Operations Manager at the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, said: “An ambulance team provided assistance for this transfer and I am very proud of each other’s determination, resilience and teamwork. working under difficult conditions to ensure the patient was able to access the care they needed.

Neil Irving, on behalf of the North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum, through which the response to Storm Arwen was coordinated, said: “In situations like this it is essential to work closely together to ensure that those who need help can get it. . Events such as winter storms can cause problems for many people, so it is essential that, like here, we combine our services with people from affected communities to provide a strong and effective response. “


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