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Kochi: In the wake of the controversy that screenwriter John Paul died on Saturday due to the lack of timely medical assistance at the time of his fall in January, his friend CICC Jayachandran has come out publicly against it.

Calling the narrative a pursuit with an ulterior motive, Jayachandran came up with many scenarios while interacting with

“Those who say they intimidated police and fire and security personnel should clarify why they didn’t call hospices or hospitals, which are minutes away?” He asked.

Jayachandran alleged that it was their nonchalant attitude that left John Paul on the ground for about three hours.

According to Jayachandran, to lift someone like John Paul off the ground and into a bed requires experienced personnel. “Hospitals with operating theaters in Ernakulam will have trained experts. Likewise, there was a hospice, which is only five minutes from where Jean-Paul was staying. I don’t understand why they called the police and fire department instead,” he said.

Jayachandran also alleged that first responders failed to handle the situation properly.

After John Paul’s death, actor Kailash and fellow film personality Jolly Joseph revealed that in the third week of January they received a frantic call from Paul. Kailash recalled how he rushed to Paul’s house to find him lying helpless on the floor.

“It had a huge carcass (about 160 kilograms) and despite several efforts, my friends and I were unable to lift it. We asked for help from an ambulance service, but they refused. We then “called the fire department, they too refused our request. Finally, we approached the local police station and two officials came quickly but could not do anything. For about three hours, Paul was lying on the ground,” said said Kailash.

Meanwhile, Joseph later said that Paul planned to write about his ordeal when he got a little better. “He said maybe it could help because such a service is badly needed in Kochi and no one else should suffer like him,” Joseph said. When contacted, the local fire chief attached to the Ernakulam office assured that he would act if anyone was found guilty. “From our records so far, we have not been able to find out if such a call was received that day. In the meantime, we will review it again and if there was a breach on someone’s part, action would be taken for sure,” the official said.


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