Iraqi national’s successful operation sparks hope in medical tourism


The successful treatment of an Iraqi national with rare skull base disease at SUM Ultimate Medicare (SUMUM) here has opened up possibilities for medical tourism in Odisha given the expertise, quality of treatment, state-of-the-art medical infrastructure and facilities available at the hospital. .

The family of Hassoon Owaid Oglah al-Shadow, 77, who had been diagnosed with central skull base osteomyelitis in Iraq, had explored the possibility of treatment in India because treatment was not available in their own country.

After researching the best possible treatment options in India, the family focused on SUM Ultimate Medicare here and decided to fly the patient to Bhubaneswar for further management of the disease. After consulting Dr Radhamadhab Sahu, senior consultant and head of the ENT and skull base surgery department at the hospital, they arrived in Bhubaneswar.

The patient was received at the airport by the hospital team and admitted to SUMUM. After some key investigations, Iraq’s diagnosis was reconfirmed and elective skull base surgery was scheduled to save his life, Dr Sahu said.

Although difficult, the major surgery was conducted on al-Shadawi with neuro-anesthesiologist Dr Prasant Behera playing a vital role. Dr Abhijit Raha, Senior Consultant, Critical Care Medicine, provided support during the operation and ensured the patient’s recovery in the ICU. The patient was released from the hospital after eight days.

Dr Sahu said that osteomyelitis of the base of the skull is a rare condition that usually begins with an ear infection involving the temporal bone and later spreads through the vessels of the bone marrow. “It then leads to infection of the sphenoid bone, occipital bone and clivus. It can happen due to bacteria or fungi, mainly in people with uncontrolled diabetes, immunocompromised and post-Covid patients, ”he said, adding that it involved the cranial nerves and needed to be diagnosed soon. as possible. “If left untreated, it could lead to significant morbidity and mortality,” he said.

The Iraqi patient was first infected with the Covid-19 virus from which he recovered, but then developed an ear infection which led to his condition, Dr Sahu said.

Speaking through an interpreter, al-Shadawi’s son, Salman Hasoon Owaid, said: “We received very good treatment in this hospital as the doctors and medical staff worked with an approach. professional. We have witnessed ethical treatment here with a humanitarian and compassionate touch.

Dr Swetapadma Dash, general manager of the hospital, said residents of Odisha used to be out of state earlier for specialized treatment. Of the 6.9 lakhs of foreign patients who came to India for medical treatment in 2019, most chose to travel to Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. None of them had come to Odisha. “This may be the first time that a patient from another country has come to our state for specialized medical treatment. It is a great thing for us that this patient came to SUMUM on a medical visa, ”she said.

Dr Dash said that it was the dream of SOA Founding Chairman Prof (Dr) Manojranjan Nayak to provide world class healthcare in Bhubaneswar and the whole SUMUM team got together. committed to turning this vision into reality. Dr Sahu performed the operation confidently and successfully, she said, adding that “it says a lot about our abilities and skills.”

“We have decided to add more successful pages to this new chapter in medical tourism announced by SUM Ultimate Medicare in Bhubaneswar,” she said.

SUMUM, she said, was actually building a separate wing to house international patients with all the facilities needed to boost medical tourism. “We are constantly pushing the boundaries of healthcare and redefining what is possible and what is not. With the successful treatment of an international patient, we have unveiled a new chapter and I am sure with our advanced medical infrastructure, our expertise in over 30 medical specialties, our vigorous progress, our accreditation, our latest medical technologies in a warm, comfortable and family oriented environment. , we can provide excellent medical care and harness the potential of Bhubaneswar as a medical and wellness tourism destination, ”she said.

The platform had now been designed to focus on medical tourism in a state known for its heritage and tourism potential, as the concept had not yet captured the imagination of the population. Medical tourism for foreign patients could open up many opportunities in the future. In this context, SUM Ultimate Medicare in Bhubaneswar is one of the best quaternary care hospitals in Odisha which is equipped with all state of the art healthcare facilities and boasts of experienced doctors and healthcare professionals.

The benefits of medical treatment in Odisha included reduced costs, availability of the latest medical technology and adherence to international standards, Dr Sahu said, adding that it would not only benefit the state healthcare fraternity, but would also help in the propagation of culture and the state. tourism potential in other countries.

“SUMUM has everything to offer the required patients and we are sure that Bhubaneswar will find a place as a well-known medical tourism destination in the days to come,” said the sergeant. (Dr.) Biraj Mohan Mishra, Chief Medical Officer of SUMUM, said.


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