Iran medical tourism: intl. arrivals increase by 200% in the first semester


TEHRAN – The number of international travelers seeking medical services in Iran has increased by 200% in the first half of the current Iranian year compared to the same period before the coronavirus era, a tourism official has said. .

“Compared to two and a half years ago when we were dealing with the coronavirus situation in the country, today we are witnessing a 200% jump in the arrival of medical tourists,” Hossein Nikounam said on Saturday.

The manager, however, did not mention the number of arrivals during the period.

Based on available data, the Islamic Republic attracted more than 125,000 international patients who received medical services in the first quarter of the current Persian calendar year. The majority of these travelers came from Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and the states bordering the Persian Gulf.

Earlier this year, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said the Islamic Republic was a regional hub for medical tourism. “Our scientific and medical ranking is recognized by international officials,” he added, saying Iran can rightly claim to be a hub of health services.

Iran occupies a perfect position in the region and in the world in terms of medical sciences, as many Iranian cities are considered “health centers”, Raisi said, during a conference in Tehran to pay tribute to Iranian medical society.

Iran welcomes an average of one million medical tourists every year. “About one million medical tourists, mostly from neighboring countries, arrive in Iran every year.

Experts say medical tourism in Iran is a win-win opportunity for both the country and foreign patients as they enjoy affordable yet quality treatment services and the country earns considerable foreign exchange. Some of the assets of Iran include the presence of credible surgeons and doctors, advanced medical technologies, advanced medicine and various specializations, super affordable procedures and finally its hospitable people.

Credible surgeons and doctors, advanced medical technologies, advanced medicine, diverse specializations, super affordable procedures, and last but not least hospitable people are Iran’s strengths to be a major medical tourism hub.

Iranian hospitals offer a wide variety of medical services such as eye surgeries and services, cardiovascular surgeries, especially pediatric heart surgery, bone marrow transplant, gynecological and obstetrical surgery, oncology services, cerebrospinal surgery, orthopedic surgery (total knee and hip prosthesis, etc.), and urological surgery, and so many other services.

The country is looking to exceed its annual medical travelers to around two million by [calendar year] 1404 (Mar 2025-Mar 2026).



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