Investing in Nigeria’s Health Sector to Reduce Medical Tourism: US Envoy


US Ambassador to Nigeria Mary Beth Leonard reiterated the US commitment to improve public health delivery in Nigeria.

Ms Leonard made her comments during remarks at a reception held to honor stakeholders working to improve cancer health care in Nigeria.

“Investing in life-saving cancer diagnostic and treatment machines will improve outcomes for Nigerians,” Ambassador Leonard said.

“In addition, this home-based investment will reduce the cases of medical tourism and increase the capacities of medical service providers,” she added.

The Ambassador particularly congratulated Varian, the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority-Lagos University Cancer Center and the Marcelle Ruth Cancer Center.

She said both the NLCC and the MRCC were working for public health by investing in cancer diagnostic and treatment facilities.

She explained that investments in cancer care will reduce medical tourism and further strengthen the capacity of medical service providers.

For his part, Varian’s Head of Government Affairs and Market Development for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Kevin Massoudi, lamented Nigeria’s lack of access to adequate facilities for the treatment of cancer, adding that the incidence of cancer and cancer-related deaths could almost double in the country. by 2040.

He noted that investment in cancer diagnostic and treatment facilities and other medical technologies was essential to fight cancer in Nigeria.

“Medical technology to save lives exists. We need to ensure that those who need it most have access to it. Where we live shouldn’t determine whether we live.


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