India: Medical Tourism by Train


The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has launched online medical tourism packages for customers, in a bid to enhance its travel and tourism offerings.

The IRCTC aims to provide a holistic travel experience with medical value, combined with other elements such as travel and accommodation arrangements, road transfers and optional post-treatment wellness packages.

The railway has partnered with an online medical-technical services company on a pilot basis. The company will provide the backend services to customers seeking various medical and wellness packages.

IRCTC’s medical treatment and wellness packages are offered at competitive prices, using a network of hospitals, nursing homes and diagnostic centers coordinated with its technical partner. It has launched a portal site,, where potential medical travelers complete a basic application form detailing their need for treatment. Once the request is generated, the IRCTC team will call the client and explain the processing options.

The company promotes the packages through its pan-India office network.


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