India has been a trusted destination for medical tourism for over a decade: Amit Sharma, eExpedise Healthcare


India responds to the medical needs of citizens of the world all over the world with a very well structured and inexpensive offer of medical assistance and supervision.

India is a vast country with its own set of achievements and requirements in various sectors. Its healthcare sector is also a major reason why hundreds of thousands of medical tourists visit the country each year for their elective medical surgeries. Medical tourism in India is both affordable and accessible and now with the inclusion of technology and big data it has increased the influx of tourists to create medical value travel to India. According to the data, around 697,453 foreign tourists came to India for treatment in the year 2019. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, as a result of which lockdowns were imposed and flights were abruptly canceled between various Asian and African countries, that number has declined. But the total influx of tourists can be seen gradually increasing now. With the removal of blockages and travel restrictions across borders around the world, Indian medical tourism seeks to advance in several critical cases like organ transplants and other severe cases. In an exclusive conversation with the Financial Express Online Amit Sharma, Founder and CEO of eExpedise Healthcare talked about medical tourism in India, health technologies and more. Extracts:

How do you think the Ayushman Bharat digital mission connecting travelers across the country with technology will help boost inbound tourism to India?

To elevate medical tourism, the Indian government has announced a program called Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, a competent, accessible, comprehensive, affordable, convenient and safe. ABDM can have many benefits for a medical tourist and will greatly help the travel industry as well as the healthcare industry in the long run. The program will provide access to the patient’s health records for specific medical procedures, facilitating the best post-operative procedure and subsequent meetings. It has the potential to allow migrant patients to go to any licensed medical clinic in the country for an examination. It will allow the majority of medical tourists, especially those visiting for minor treatments, to explore India’s rich cultural heritage without missing out on their post-operative care and progress.

What do you think of India’s emergence as a hub for “medical tourism” with initiatives like Ayushman Bharat?

India responds to the medical needs of citizens of the world all over the world with a very well structured and inexpensive offer of medical assistance and supervision. India has been a reliable destination hub for over a decade in medical tourism. The different factors that attract medical tourists to India are high quality treatment, low cost and English speaking medical staff. The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission digital initiative will play a crucial role in addressing the challenges of emerging technologies. All ABDM components comply with open, interoperable, and open source development-based standards, and ensure the security, privacy and confidentiality of personal health-related information.

How do you see the growth of the country’s health system? Prime Minister Modi said that “the efforts and dedication of our doctors are admired by people all over the world, which has prompted patients and foreign travelers to come to India for the right treatment and return happily to their homes. country “.

As a country with a long-standing overhaul in the structure of healthcare, we have had first hand experience of the impact of the pandemic on medical staff and society in general. Today India is working on a holistic and inclusive health model. We are optimistic that the digital mission will act as a driving force to increase efficiency, optimize operations in medical facilities and improve the patient experience. People would share their medical records with caregivers, allowing doctors to provide quality care from a distance.

Amit Sharma, Founder and CEO of eExpedise Healthcare

With Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, do you think India can dream big of a high quality national healthcare system that manages scale and convenience and contributes to an international ecosystem where India can become the hub of telemedicine, health tourism and digital processing for India and the world?

Soon India may wish for a high quality national healthcare system that harnesses scale and comfort and contributes to a global ecosystem where India can become the hub of telemedicine, health tourism and digital treatments. for India and the world. With access to relevant health records anytime and from any location, the doctor can perform a proper predictive diagnosis allowing for timely treatment. The digital change in healthcare is helping to reduce health imbalances. The essence of health care is universal, and the world is on the brink of cheap health care. Technology will enable the sacred relationship between doctor and patient. Healthcare is now so central that countries will make it a user-friendly destination for their policies to ensure a healthy workforce.

What are the challenges of Ayushman Bharat digital mission in India?

It would be beneficial to take a look at the contemporary challenges of the Indian health system which act as roadblocks.

  • Lack of Adequate Infrastructure: For a long time India struggled with the problem of inadequate infrastructure in the form of lack of well-equipped medical institutes. The rate of construction of such education or medical institutions remains low compared to urgent needs.
  • Shortage of skilled labor: The ratio of doctors to victims remains extremely low. In India, the scale is only 0.7 doctor per 1000 population. The process of bridging this gap would require a sustained effort through capacity building of existing medical institutes and the creation of new ones.
  • Data privacy and interoperability: While every state government has electronic health systems that could be effective, a final master system for the whole country will need better connectivity and a much more advanced cloud infrastructure. .

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