I will ban medical tourism, equip hospitals if elected president – ​​Aspirant


A presidential candidate on the All Progressives Congress (APC) platform, Ms. Uju Kennedy Ohanenye, has pleaded for a female running mate if a man becomes the party’s flag bearer.

Ms Ohanenye also said she would pick a man as her running mate if she became the party’s standard bearer, noting that opposite sexes work better together.

The APC presidential aspirant who said this during a humanitarian visit to the National Hospital in Abuja stressed that she would ban medical tourism if elected, pledging to equip hospitals and the nation’s medical facilities if elected.

“I will equip the hospitals and the rich will pay the bills of the poor, directly or indirectly. Because when they are cared for there, they pay well. With this, the treatment of the poor will be increased and I will banish medical tourism. If you know you can handle the heat, leave the kitchen. If you know that you cannot equip our hospitals, you will not be allowed to travel to any country for medical tourism.

She called on the men in the race to stand down for the women, pointing out that the men had done their best in governing the country, but said the men’s performance was unsatisfactory.

While pleading with her party’s delegates to come out in droves and vote for her in the APC primaries to empower mothers to take charge and end the killings, kidnappings and banditry, she promised that the youth of the country would be involved in the governance of the country.

She also called for the support of women to ensure their children do not engage in crime, adding that women as mothers bear the brunt of the possible loss of lives in society.

“I plead with women to prevent our children from joining banditry, kidnappings, murders or any such crimes. Let’s come out and strongly advocate for a woman to take matters into her own hands. If a woman in charge, it may not be me, it may be another woman, I would also be delighted.

“Nearly 90% of criminals would repent if they were involved in the governance of the country. So what they lack is attention and participation in the government of the day. That’s why I’m begging women to come out and let these men know that we are their mothers.

“They (the men) have tried but we are not satisfied; they should step back and let the women come on board. This is one of the reasons I came on board and believe me I will be very firm in supporting and protecting my children including the president and all the other men. They are my children because they were born of a woman,” she said.


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