Huawei India sets up emergency team to provide medical assistance to employees



Telecommunications equipment maker Huawei Technologies India has set up an emergency team to handle all COVID-19 issues of employees and their dependents and provide them with hospitalization assistance. It also launched a dedicated portal as a one-stop solution for employees to resolve any issue or clarification related to COVID-19.

“As a people-centered organization, the health and safety of employees is Huawei’s top priority and the company will support and help every member of the Huawei family,” said Bi Yunfeng, CEO of Huawei Technologies, in a statement.

The company has more than 3,500 employees in India.

“As the number of daily cases continues to push the limits of the country’s health infrastructure, Huawei has implemented an exclusive 24/7 ambulance service available to all employees and their dependents. in case of emergency.

“The company has also arranged emergency beds with oxygen support in partnership with leading hospitals in case an employee or their dependents are unable to find a bed when they need it,” says the press release.

Huawei has the largest overseas research and development facility in Bengaluru and a head office in Delhi NCR.

Many of the company’s employees work remotely.

Huawei said it will also partner with Indian hospitals to make vaccination more accessible to its people and families.



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