HBM Medical Tourism expands orthodontic and maxillofacial dental care in Medellin


The rapid growth of health tourism in Medellin and Colombia’s growing reputation as a preferred destination for dental procedures has led Health Bridge Medical to expand its fully managed medical tourism concierge services. Patients can now access medical imaging services, including CT scans and MRIs, at a fraction of their cost in the United States.

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The launch comes in response to the rising costs of dental and orthodontic procedures in many Western countries. These high costs constitute a financial burden compounded by rising inflation.

Despite a sharp decline in 2020, medical tourism in Colombia continues to grow, with Medellin ranking as the top destination alongside Bogota. Current research predicts that the industry will reach $990 billion by 2024. High costs and long wait times in US and European healthcare facilities are leading many patients to seek cheaper options and treatment schedules. more flexible procedure abroad. Receiving medical care in another country can be daunting for patients who are immersed in a different culture where people speak a different language.

Health Bridge Medical’s new dental implant and orthodontic concierge service recommends a qualified specialist for multiple dental procedures and surgeries in Medellin. The service has built a network of reputable and trusted dentists and doctors in the area. The company works closely with clients, arranging a consultation with the treating dentist or practice, preparing for the procedure and post-procedure vacation activities. Once the schedule and procedure have been defined, a price estimate can be generated.

Health Bridge Medical helps patients navigate the culture, the medical system, and their stay in Colombia. Concierge services plan hotels and plan their stay before the procedure and activities after the procedure. After the procedure, a concierge can help the patient plan an in-country recuperation and recuperation vacation. Interpreter services can be arranged for patients who do not speak Spanish.

According to the Health Bridge Medical team, the Colombian healthcare system is ranked ahead of the United States and Canada. Medellin is a hotspot for medical tourism, known for having some of the highest rated medical facilities in Latin America.

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About Health Bridge Medical:

Located in Medellin, Colombia, Health Bridge Medical offers concierge services to patients and physicians. They work to improve and facilitate the medical tourist experience, using their extensive network to connect doctors and patients. They provide links to patients seeking dental and orthodontic care, cosmetic regenerative surgeries, stem cell treatments and other related therapies.

A Health Bridge Medical spokesperson said, “Through honesty, excellence and integrity, our customers receive service they can trust. We feature a proactive team of passionate experts who are a partner and advocate for our patients’ quality of life.

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