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  • Working with PocketHealth allows Habersham’s 80,000 patients to access all medical images and reports easily and securely on any device and share with healthcare providers, caregivers or others involved in their healthcare journey.
  • habersham now on the path to eliminating outdated and insecure CD-ROMs as a technology for sharing medical imagery with patients and other providers
  • PocketHealth works seamlessly with habersham infrastructure, allowing physicians and other healthcare providers to instantly view patient imagery, in full diagnostic quality, or import images into local PACS without additional software or account setup

DEMOREST, Ga., June 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Habersham Medical Center (HMC) announced today that it will commit PocketHealth to help the hospital’s 80,000 patients access, share and store their medical images and reports securely on any device, empowering them to be more informed and active in their own care journeys.

Patients will no longer need to travel to the healthcare facility to retrieve a CD-ROM of their records and carry it to their next appointment or hope that their critical health information will reach their doctor safely from first resort. With PocketHealth, HMC patients will be able to actively engage in their own healthcare journey by accessing and sharing their imaging reports with their doctors, caregivers or family members from any device. , around the world.

Physicians and other healthcare professionals who share and receive diagnostic images with habersham will be able to work within the medical center’s existing infrastructure and will not have to worry about additional software or account setup. They will be able to instantly view patient imagery in full diagnostic quality or import these images into their local PACS for diagnosis.

“We are very excited to make the healthcare experience much easier than it has been for patients at Habersham Medical Center, and by implementing PocketHealth in our hospital, we are empowering patients to participate in their own medical journey,” said Tyler Williams, president and CEO of Habersham Medical Center. “Until now, when medical imaging and reports were shared, our patients had to make unnecessary trips to the site.

PocketHealth offers healthcare providers the most efficient way to share medical imaging while putting patients at the center of the process, fueling better outcomes through direct access to diagnostic imaging and reports. Patients can now request all of their imaging records from HMC on the PocketHealth website and gain greater insight into their reports with PocketHealth’s Report Reader feature, which breaks down and defines complex medical terms found in radiology reports .

“Diagnostic imaging is essential to understanding a treatment or to seeking a second opinion and can often be the spark of a long-term care journey,” said Rishi Nayyar, co-founder and CEO, PocketHealth. “PocketHealth is thrilled to be working with Habersham Medical Center to enable patients and caregivers to easily navigate an image-based journey without the unnecessary frustration that often accompanies release records and CD-ROM materials.”

Habersham Medical Center is focused on serving its communities by providing high quality health care to its patients and clinical partnerships. The Center performs approximately 125,000 imaging exams each year.

About Pocket Health

PocketHealth is the world’s first patient-centric image sharing platform. With PocketHealth, patients can instantly access, share and take ownership of their own medical images and records – anytime, anywhere and with anyone. PocketHealth also enables direct sharing between hospitals and physicians, as well as instant DICOM retrieval and automated import capability, creating a unified image management solution for over 600 hospitals and imaging clinics across North America. PocketHealth believes that by placing patients at the center of their care journey, records move more ethically, more easily, and more securely throughout the healthcare system. Learn more about pockethealth.com.

About Habersham Medical Center

Serving over 80,000 residents in the northeast Georgia, Habersham Medical Center (HMC) is a 53-bed licensed acute care hospital offering exceptional care and service. As an important economic partner for Habersham County, HMC operates three medical practices, a comprehensive rehabilitation program, a qualified nursing home with 84 licensed beds, and the only hospital-based home health service in the region. Learn more about www.habershammedical.com.

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