Goa: Indian Navy provides medical assistance to fisherman with crushed fingers | Goa News

PANAJI: The Indian Navy came to the aid of an injured fisherman, who suffered a serious injury resulting in excessive blood loss 75 nautical miles off the coast of Goa on February 3. The fisherman, identified as Vipin, had multiple fractures to his hand and was in excruciating pain when the fishing boat made a distress call for help.
INS Aditya, a Mumbai-based supply and repair vessel, was at sea and immediately responded to the SOS call. The warship immediately deployed a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) to retrieve the fisherman from the fishing trawler FV Mahonnathan.
“INS Aditya quickly reached the spot and brought the injured fisherman back on board after providing him with supplemental oxygen and first aid in the fishing boat itself,” the Indian Navy said in a statement.
The navy said the medical team aboard the INS Aditya provided prompt medical assistance to the seriously injured fisherman.
“Vipin, the fisherman, suffered a serious injury to his right hand, resulting in excessive blood loss and low blood oxygen levels. Vipin had suffered fractures associated with crush injuries to several fingers of his right hand before being evacuated. He was treated on board to stop the bleeding and achieve hemodynamic stabilization,” the navy said.
Hemodynamic stability is the medical term used to describe the restoration of stable blood pressure and heart rate in a patient.
Further details on the cause of the injury were not available.
While Vipin underwent medical treatment, the crew of INS Aditya provided the remaining fishermen and the crew of FV Mahonnathan with cooked meals.
“The injured fisherman was stitched up and once in a stable condition, he was transferred to join his colleagues,” the navy said.

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