Fundraiser for Victoria Shea by Megan Thigpen: Jamie Shea


Hello everyone. With a mixture of sadness and hope, we kindly ask you to consider making a donation to help Jamie Shea (my brother-in-law) as he recovers in intensive care from a motorcycle accident.

Yesterday (September 1), Jamie suffered traumatic spinal injuries after losing control of his motorbike. We are incredibly grateful that his helmet protected his head from damage, but his spine was extremely damaged. These fractures required a 2.5-hour surgery during which surgeons skillfully worked to relieve pressure on the spinal cord and reconstruct the vertebrae. Nerve damage and other major injuries are involved, which will lead to a long and difficult rehabilitation process. Surgeons and doctors at Wilson Hospital are in awe of her body’s resilience and have called her status nothing short of a miracle. They didn’t sugarcoat the difficulties ahead, but expressed their sincere confidence that with hard work and patience, Jamie could make a full recovery. With time, love and prayers, we hope time will hold this true.

Due to the nature of his injuries, it is inevitable that Jamie will not be able to work while recovering. His wife, Tori (my lovely sister), is incredibly grateful for all of your love and support, as is the rest of his immediate family and friends. Jamie and Tori are currently overwhelmed with gratitude and apprehension as God shows the way forward. They certainly hadn’t anticipated this turn of events so soon after celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

It is likely that Jamie will spend a week in the hospital and rehab will follow. Recovery progress will determine the timing of outpatient care and return home thereafter. When that time comes, Jamie will need accommodation in his home to help with the healing process and general mobility.

If you have the financial capacity to donate, we would greatly appreciate it. If you can’t, your prayers and love are just as important during this time. With hearts full of gratitude for his life, we will support Jamie (and Tori) on this difficult journey.

Thank you sincerely.



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