Fundraiser by Amy Williams: Addison Medical Assistance Fund


The medical department at Wheeler Correctional Facility consists of nurses, doctors, nurse practitioners, dentists, a dental hygienist and dental assistant, certified medical assistants, security guards , a laboratory technician and a medical records clerk. All members of this team work closely together and are necessary to successfully provide the best health care to our prison population here in Alamo, GA.

This GoFundMe is created to support one of our WCF team members, Adrianne Pope, who is one of our medical records clerks. She is a single mother of two teenagers, both of whom have struggled with significant medical issues over the past two years. Mrs. Pope is a hardworking and loving mother who does everything to support and nurture her children. In the spring of 2021, her son (13) developed kidney failure and had to have one kidney removed and partial reconstruction on the remaining kidney. At the same time, her daughter, Addison (15), started having vision problems. In March 2021, Addison was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis and was referred to Emory in Atlanta for evaluation. She was watched for some time, hoping that the tumor growth would stop.

She underwent surgery in March 2022 with the removal of a small portion of the tumor on the lower eyelid. However, about two months ago they noticed that the mass had continued to grow, involving the upper eyelid. Their next and only option is to be seen by a pediatric neuro-ophthalmology specialist at Duke University in North Carolina. Their insurance does not cover out-of-state medical expenses. It can be financially devastating for a single mother of two. As she works two jobs around the clock to care for her children and their health needs, the financial, emotional and physical demands increase and are difficult to meet. Many appointments, scans, follow-ups, and possibly surgeries will all take place at Duke University Medical Center. Medical costs will be enormous; fuel alone is $300 round trip; then there are accommodation, food and incidental expenses.

The next appointment is 9/2/2022, and they will perform a $$$ FIESTA scan to measure new tumor growth. As WCF Medical Family, we want to help her get the best care for her daughter and ease some of her burdens. Any donation, large or small, made to this GoFundMe will be appreciated. All funds will be used for expenses incurred for travel, testing and rising medical bills that are paid out of pocket. Thank you for your attention.


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