Fred Maahs Jr. joins Medical Tourism Training consulting team


Elizabeth Ziemba, Regional Director, Temos USA and Chair, Medical Tourism Education

Fred Maahs, Jr., Maahs Travels

Fred Maahs Jr.

Two experts join forces to develop accessible travel and medical tourism.

NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND, USA, Aug. 23, 2022 / — Medical Tourism Training is pleased to announce that Mr. Fred Maahs Jr. has joined its team to provide consulting and training services.

Fred founded Maahs Travels in 2021 to focus on accessibility in travel and tourism. Its services include training on accessibility, diversity and inclusion as well as defining market potential and strategies to attract more people to global destinations. Mr. Maahs has worked with governments, airports and airlines, hotels and travel destinations in the Caribbean, Dubai, Jordan, Portugal, UK, Israel and USA. Its client portfolio continues to expand to offer accessibility solutions in Asia and South America.

Additionally, Fred is a Partner and COO of Travel for All, a company that provides global, accessible and inclusive travel experiences tailored to the unique needs of every traveler. Fred is editor-in-chief of Blend Accessibility for All magazine. He served on President-elect Joe Biden’s Disability Policy Committee.

The relationship between the two companies has a natural connection. Medical Tourism Training offers its consulting and training services to a wide audience of individuals and public and private sector entities engaged in health travel. Many, if not most, of these travelers have a temporary or permanent disability that may be related to the goal of seeking treatment outside their usual residence. Medical tourists need and consume many of the same services used by people with disabilities, such as those provided by Travel for All.

According to Mrs. Elizabeth Ziemba, President of Medical Tourism Training, “It is a pleasure for me to welcome Fred as an experienced and valued member of our consulting and training team. He and I discussed at length the similarities between accessible travel and medical tourism. By joining forces, each sector can benefit from the services of the other. Our first steps together were the webinar, A Billion-Dollar Untapped Market for Travel, Tourism & Hospitality: Persons with Disabilities, presented earlier this year, and the recent article, Expanding the Definition of “Access” in Medical Tourism to Grow Market Share. We have much more planned to improve access and the quality of travel for all.

Fred and Elizabeth will be presenting at conferences this fall. Mr. Maahs will speak at the Access Israel International Conference on September 11-12. Ms. Ziemba will attend the CIHT conference in Croatia and a medical tourism congress in Argentina in October. Common goals for the future include collaborating on webinars, speaking engagements, articles, and more. to bring together the worlds of medical travel and accessible travel.

About Fred Maahs Jr., Founder of Maahs Travels and Partner and COO of Travel for All

Fred suffered a spinal cord injury and became paralyzed from the chest down just days before starting his first year of college. Since then, he has used a wheelchair. After earning degrees in business and marketing, Mr. Maahs spent more than 30 years as a business executive working for Fortune 100 and Fortune 30 companies traveling the world, developing his expertise and reputation as an advocate. disability rights, keynote speaker and accessibility. travel and tourism specialist. His accomplishments include Founder of Maahs Travels and COO of Travel for All, as well as service in national and international organizations including President Biden’s Disability Policy Committee. Mr. Maahs can be reached at [email protected]

About Elizabeth Ziemba, Founder and President of Medical Tourism Training

Elizabeth Ziemba is a pioneer in health travel as President and Founder of Medical Tourism Education focused on expanding access to quality health services worldwide. It offers consulting and training services to clients in the wellness, health and medical travel sectors as well as hospitality services with innovative, practical and evidence-based solutions for business development and economic growth. Elizabeth promotes accreditation and certification as Regional Director of Temos International Healthcare Accreditation covering the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America. She holds a master’s degree in public health from Boston University of Public Health and a Juris Doctorate from Suffolk University School of Law. Ms. Ziemba can be contacted at [email protected]

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